Is it time to replace your double glazing?

Well fitted double glazing can make a significant difference to the thermal efficiency of your home, saving you money on those ever rising energy bills. However, if you spot one of these 4 telltale signs, it may be time to replace your double glazing.

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If your double glazing is leaking water through the frame, then either the weather seals have failed or the drainage channel is blocked. It’s easy enough to clean the channel and the seals are replaceable. However, if your double glazing is very old, the chances are it’s outdated and needs to be replaced.


If the draught is coming in around the frame, then the sealant used around the frame may have perished. This is a relatively simple repair job and may extend the life of your windows. However, if the draught is coming in between the frame and the glass, then your weather seals may have lost their elasticity or worn away with the passage of time, and these will need to be replaced. However, this is another good sign that you need to assess the overall performance of your double glazing.

Cracks, chips and holes

If the glass is chipped or broken, or there’s any damage to the window frame, replacement is the best option. Broken or chipped glass can end up causing condensation between the panes and cracks, and holes in the frame will cause draughts. Either way, your double glazing will no longer perform efficiently. If you require new uPVC windows in Dublin, a company like can advise you on suitable replacements.


If you can’t see through your windows because they appear to be fogged with little water droplets, then you have a condensation problem. Condensation forms when the temperature of water vapour falls below the ‘dew point’, and it turns into water droplets.

If condensation is forming on the inside of your windows, then you may need to heat or ventilate the room better. However, this can also be a sign that your windows are not performing as efficiently as they should. If the condensation has formed between the panes, then you have a major problem – the seals have sprung a leak and the gas cavity is no longer sealed. Your double glazing has failed and will need to be replaced.