Why You Should Consider Double Glazing

Double glazing is the process of sealing a home with two sheets of glass that are placed in front of each other to minimize heat transfer. Insulation is created by the second glass using two techniques – either by means of thermal roll-on or roll-off systems. The first technique involves sealing an air tight seal around the opening. The second technique involves leaving a small gap between the two panes so that heat can pass through and escape. To make sure this doesn’t happen you should contact a Double Glazing Evesham based company like Firmfix,

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Insulating windows with double glazing is a very cost effective and energy efficient way of making your home more comfortable and secure. Double glazing consists of two or more windows panes sealed by a gas or vacuum sealed cavity to effectively reduce heat transfer across an area of your home. Windows with double glazing will keep air circulating through your house and will reduce the amount of heated air that escapes through your windows and doors. This will keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, helping to avoid energy bills. If your house windows were also sealed with a thermal shield then this would double up on the protection offered and would cut down further energy use.

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The major benefit from installing double glazing is that it will save you on your energy bills. A lot of heating bills are based on the amount of warm air that is lost through windows and doors. Double glazing means that the windows stay cool even during the winter, which helps to keep the house warmer and more comfortable. It is recommended that you install and use a thermal insulation product during the summer months when the sun is at its hottest as this will also help to keep the house much cooler, saving you money on energy bills.


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