The Benefits of Double Glazing

Double Glazing is an attractive and effective way to insulate a property from the elements, but it is not without its limitations. Whilst it is an effective method of reducing energy costs, it is not suited to all circumstances. Installing double glazing in an area that experiences extreme weather can be expensive and could lead to dampening of the atmosphere inside the building. The installation of double glazing should therefore only be undertaken where it is necessary, especially if the building is in an area prone to extreme temperature changes. A Double Glazing Gloucester company such as Firmfix will be able to advise you on the best windows for your home.

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Insulating glass is made up of a layer of gas or air-filled cavity between two sheets of glass. Air or gas filled chambers allow heat to be trapped within the structure when temperatures are low, leading to a reduction in electricity bills. Double glazing refers to the installation of double glazing between two existing windows, with the second pane usually being made from a different material altogether, such as wood or steel. Double glazing is often incorporated into the construction of new buildings, although it can also be retrofitted onto existing buildings whenever possible. However, for those buildings which cannot be fitted, a second pane of glass is installed within the structure to act as a barrier against heat loss.

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The biggest benefit of double glazing is that it makes a property more energy efficient. When double glazed windows are used, a significant saving on fuel and heating bills can be achieved, as heat passes through a lower energy conducting material and then gets reflected back into the building. It has been shown that energy efficiency can increase by as much as 30 per cent, though this would depend on the type of building and the climate, as well as individual buildings and the amount of double glazing being installed. The most successful buildings may have several windows with double glazing, as it adds extra protection to the building and helps to maintain comfort at the same time.

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