2 gigawatts! The largest and most powerful solar power plant will ever built in the US


The competition gets interesting. A few months ago Dubai announced the biggest and most important project related to the adoption of clean energy, this thanks to the production of a thermal solar plant (CSP) will be able to generate up to 1,000 megawatts in its first phase between 2020 and 2021. But today we have a new contender.

SolarReserve LLC, one of the largest companies in the development of solar energy, has just announced a huge project that will play the most powerful in the world, a true monstrosity that will cost 5,000 million solar thermal plants and will be able to generate up to2000 megawatts, enough to supply one million homes.

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Sandstone: A power is equated with a nuclear plant

This solar plant, Sandstone, would be installed in the Nevada desert and would be ten times larger than the proposed Dubai, this thanks to 10 towers of concentration and 100,000 mirrors, where one of the advantages would the storage capacity, since Unlike photovoltaic plants, thermal power are able to supply even at night.

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The power of this plant will be equated with what has been achieved by a nuclear power plant and even the Hoover Dam, the difference is that clean energy is here. However, there is still much to make it happen, because just begin efforts to seek funding so we can start with their construction.

Kevin Smith, CEO of SolarReserve, plans to build the plant in several stages over seven years starting construction in 2019. An important point is that this project is eyeing to California, which is an important supporting projects this type thanks to its bill that indicates that half of its energy consumption should come from renewable by 2030.