Eating the Right Food Is One Way Of Having A Healthy Brain And Sharper Memory

You are probably familiar with all the diseases and illnesses related to brain functions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. No one wants to suffer from these kinds of diseases, not even you, and the best way to prevent it from affecting you is to take care of your brain health as early as now. 

eating-the-right-food-is-one-way-of-having-a-healthy-brain-and-sharper-memoryThere are certain ways that each one of us can do to take care of the brain and to keep it in superb performance and sharper memory. Medical professionals suggest giving the brain the right amount of healthy foods in every meal.

Best Foods For Optimal Brain Health

•Fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidant such as berries, spinach, broccoli, plums, beets, avocado, orange, apple, red grapes, kiwi, brussels sprouts, and many more. Based on studies, 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day will help a lot in the development and reproduction of brain cells.

•Complex carbohydrates found in whole wheat and whole grains and starchy vegetables. The brain needs these energy-providing foods as fuel to perform better, especially during tough times of critical decision.

•Fish and seafood that contain DHA omega-3 fatty acids are known to be effective in boosting the brainpower. Aside from fish, walnuts, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds are also rich in omega-3 that is good for the brain.

•Eggs are known to be rich in choline that can help the brain reduce stress and fatigue in the body, and this fat-like B vitamin is very good for better memory.

•Green tea and black tea contains ingredients that help keep the mind always alert and focus and they are also known to slow down the build up of plaques in the brain.

•Water taken at least 8 glasses each day will keep the brain rehydrated to prevent brain damage and to stimulate continuous flow of healthy hormonal secretion affecting the brain functions, brain health, and overall physical health.

The brain is one important organ of the body that is very essential to function well in order for the whole system to perform well accordingly with each other. The more we keep the brain healthy and the memory as sharp as possible, the longer the body will be healthily sustained. But more than that, a healthy brain that functions well and capable of retaining important ideas and information needed for everyday challenges is your best weapon to succeed and to become a better human being.

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