360 D819: Smart doorman with WiFi and Full HD camera

360 D819

Maintaining home security was always considered a high cost of money and a real complication when setting up the entire system. However, the advance of wireless gadgets in recent times has greatly simplified the entire process while reducing costs, and this is an example that can be seen in 360 D819, a complete smart doorman.

360 D819 is an intelligent doorman that stands out for offering in a small and simple design everything necessary for the user to know at all times who is in front of his door, even if he is not at home. With integrated Full HD camera, microphone and WiFi connectivity, two-way communication and video transmission directly to the Smartphone is allowed.

360 D819 Features

360 D819

Official site 360
Colour Black
materials ABS
Dimensions 15.10 x 6.10 x 3.20 cm
Weight 217 grams
Sensor 2.1 megapixels
Opening 162º
Facial recognition Yes
Motion detection Yes
Infrared sensor Yes
Connectivity WiFi
Built-in microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Memory expansion Yes, microSD up to 128 GB
Drums 5000 mAh
Box contents 1 x Doorman, 1 x Internal unit, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Manual

360 D819

Modern and simplified design

As can be seen in the images, the manufacturer has not wanted to complicate the chosen design style too much and at the same time allow a quick installation to the users in the house. With official dimensions of 15.10 x 6.10 x 3.20 cm and a weight that barely exceeds 200 grams, it is an accessory that does not take up much space outdoors.

The format with rounded ends transforms it into a symmetrical model that looks really good with the naked eye, while its combination of black and white is perfectly combined with the decoration of any home. Its structure only has a single button to press, which enjoys a good size and has a lighting system that surrounds its edges for viewing even at night.

Likewise, it is appreciated that with the purchase of 360 D819 an external structure in white is included that can cover the entire surface to avoid damage and wear of its surface over time.

24 hour surveillance

Turning to its operation, 360 D819 is composed of a 2.1 megapixel sensor that allows viewing of video in a native Full HD resolution. This, adding to the implementation of an infrared sensor, facilitates the presence of an image fidelity at all times, even with day and night modes to adapt to the conditions of the environment even in the full darkness of the morning.

On the other hand, it is indicated that the sensor has been provided with an opening of 162º, that is to say that almost nothing escape what happens in its surroundings and it will be difficult for a hidden person to be appreciated next to the door. Even your motion sensor will be able to anoticize the user with suspicious situations such as a person standing in front of the door at a distance of no more than 3 meters and for 15 seconds or more.

Finally, an independent WiFi antenna and network card has been added inside the doorman to avoid any problems with the local connection and signal interruptions that do not allow a smooth visualization of the image at all times. Logically, the user needs to download a free App on their Android and iOS mobiles to have access to real-time video streaming.

In general, it is possible to find a large number of features that completely coincide with what has already been analyzed by the Ring Video Doorbell 2 doorman.

360 D819

Special functions available

Not everything mentioned is the only thing available with 360 D819, and its algorithm with 360º image recognition and artificial intelligence allows you for the first time to be able to know who is ringing the bell. Its system allows the user to name a person after having appeared several times at the door of the home, so that he then indicates via notification to the user when that friend or relative has arrived.

Another danger in force with this type of accessories that are positioned outside the home is that some thugs or mischievous can damage the goalkeeper at any time. For this, an alarm system has been included that will begin to sound at maximum volume when it detects that it is being dismantled illegally.

Finally, each person can freely configure the volume and type of ringtone that will sound when someone rings the bell, while the inclusion of microphone and speaker facilitates two-way communication so that it is not necessary to go to the door for unwanted visits.

With a battery of 5000 mAh of capacity, an autonomy of approximately 6 months in stand-by is promised, at the same time that it is not only possible to visualize the camera in real time but also the subsequent video by means of a constant load to the cloud (the last 48 hours) or directly store the recording locally in a microSD memory of up to 128 GB .

Availability and price of 360 D819

To buy the 360 ​​D819 can be made from the renowned online store Gearbest with a limited time discount price (Flash Sale) that leaves it at $89.99.


  • Modern and simple design
  • Video transmission via WiFi to mobile
  • Microphone and speaker for two-way communication
  • Motion detection and facial recognition


  • Camera could have a little more quality