4 Gadgets You Can Use to Improve Your Tennis Workout

Tennis is a physically demanding sport. The tennis serve, for example, is a complex movement that involves muscles all over the body to rotate in unison to deliver accuracy and power.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran trying to improve, there are a few tech gadgets you should look into, or you can just play games at casinoadvice casino. These gadgets can, among other things, track and evaluate your swing, keep score, and measure the speed of your serves.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Tennis applications allow you to carry the game with you wherever you go, but there are also gadgets that you can use on the court to improve your game. The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is one such piece of technology.

Sony designed this device for players of all skill levels who wish to better their game. Using the sensor, you can record and review your shots in real time on your smartphone or tablet. The device can capture metrics such as shot count, ball impact spot, swing speed, ball speed, and ball spin. Topspin forehand, slice backhand, and other swing types can also be detected by the sensor.

The smart sensor attaches to the bottom of any racket and weighs only eight grams, so its impact on performance should be minimal. It is IP65 waterproof and has been approved for use during competition by the International Tennis Federation, and you might also use it to review your games at online casino nz.

Babolat Pop Tennis Wristband

The Babolat Pop Tennis Wristband varies from other tennis trackers in that it is worn rather than fixed on a racket. The device, like previous trackers, features motion tracking sensors and wirelessly links to your smartphone, which handles the heavy lifting. Simply download the app and, once charged, place it on your dominant arm and start playing.

The device will track and record every forehand, backhand, overhead, smash, volley, and serve you make while playing. It also shows how many of each swing you used during the match, as well as how much spin you put on each shot.

Other Babolat system features include the ability to challenge and communicate with friends through social and game features. For example, you can compare your activity score to that of all other Babolat Pop users worldwide to see how you compare, or you can dare your friends to beat your PIQ score. This is a patented score calculated by the app after each match based on your movement, speed, spin, and style.

Hit Zone Air Suspension Tee

The Hit Zone Air Suspension Tee is appropriate for beginner ball players in a variety of sports, including baseball to tennis. The device works by producing an upward stream of air and levitating a ball in the perfect hit zone, allowing you to practice hitting balls.

The machine serves as a teaching aid, allowing you to acquire a proper stance, spatial awareness of the contact point, and practice proper swing paths before playing against a real opponent. You can change the height of the ball by adjusting the fan speed—and you can even use actual tennis balls instead of the foam balls that come with the device.

Scoreband Play Wristband

The Scoreband Play wristband is a simple device that may be used for tennis, pickleball, or racquetball to keep track of the score throughout a match. In tennis mode, you can track the game and set scores, check the in-match current score, and simply adjust the score in the event of an error.

Of course, if you have a Fitbit, you can download the TennisTrkr app, which serves the same purpose. If you have an Apple Watch, you might be interested in apps like Tennis.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman