The 5 Best Apps for Checking Sports Scores on Your iPhone

Whatever sport you watch, you’re likely to benefit from applications that keep you up to date on the latest scores. Sports can be a pleasant distraction in a busy life, but you probably won’t have time to watch every game, or you can just play pokies online from your device. In that case, sports score apps become even more valuable.

Sky Sports Scores

This app gets live results and gives a news feed based on the teams and competitions you’ve chosen to follow, covering all significant games. You can select your favourite team, follow live scores, and check upcoming fixtures.

The app’s design is sleek. While each tab contains a wealth of information, it remains uncluttered and straightforward to use. Sky Sports Scores also features a Video tab with a constantly updated feed of short videos covering transfer rumors, a specific player’s goals, and assists, or game highlights. The app is vital for any sports fan who wants to stay up to date on the action even when they are busy, and you can play games from simultaneously.


FlashScore may not be as eye-catching as other sports score applications, but it is jam-packed with scores from every sport and competition. The simplicity of navigation and the vast database are its key benefits, although it’s not as pleasing to the aesthetic and lacks the fluidity of apps like Sky Sports Scores.

You can choose from games such as Football (or Soccer), Snooker, Golf, and Basketball by tapping the Menu. However, it also contains less well-known games like Floorball, Kabaddi, and Bandy.

You may create a customized stream of scores and standings by selecting your favourites across any sport and competition. FlashScore is worth installing if you wish to follow multiple sports in one spot.


LiveScore includes Football (or Soccer), Racing, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and Hockey scores and fixtures. The app includes a Dark Mode feature that makes it easier on the eyes. Despite the number of fixtures on the screen, navigation is fluid, and the app’s tabs never feel cluttered.

You can stay up to date on the latest developments by using this app and live sports streaming websites.

You can use the News tab, just like the Sky Sports Scores app, to keep up with the latest stories about your favourite sports. On the Watch tab, you can also watch videos on rumours, results, and highlights. If you like to bet, you’ll love the built-in integration with LiveScores Bet. The sports scores app will provide you with odds on the result, assisting you in deciding what bets to place on which games.

BBC Sports

The BBC Sports app contains News Stories, Fixtures, and Scores for almost every sport available. The app’s database includes an A-Z of sports and is routinely updated across the board, so you’ll never have to wait for a result for your favourite sport again.

The app is simple to use and responsive. You can add teams and sports to your Favorites, which will allow you to get a personalized stream of stats and news about the teams and sports that you care about the most. You may come across region-locked content now and then, but this will not prevent you from keeping up with the latest sports.


ScoreStream combines social media, news, images, and videos to keep you up to date on all the latest sports and games. The app’s key features are ease and accessibility, thanks to its fluid, easy-to-navigate app design.

Allowing the app to know your location allows it to automatically create fixtures and live scores from the teams nearest to you. The impressive database covers even the local teams you don’t think would get any coverage. Even more impressively, you can filter the competition type by Pro, Semi-Pro, College, High School, and other options to help you find a specific local team.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman