Four Considerations When Looking for a Web Hosting Company

When you’re looking for a new web host company, there will be various factors to weigh up, from service provision and security through to cost. So what are the four main things to consider before you switch from your existing provider?

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1. What Do You Need Hosting For?

The requirements for a small personal blog and a large commercial e-commerce website will be entirely different. Start by assessing what you need host support for, and then choose the level of service package which is appropriate for those needs. Always ensure you buy a sufficiently large and fast package that can scale up as your own business grows.

2. Do You Need Your Own Dedicated Servers?

Larger businesses often prefer to have their own ring-fenced servers which only hold their traffic and data. But shared servers are less expensive and still kept secure via advanced data protection methodologies. Decide whether you are happy to share a server with other businesses and potentially incur some risks or to have your own private VPS ring-fenced system which is maintained just for you as a client. Again, you’ll pay accordingly!

3. Are You Looking for Bolt-on Services?

Many host companies offer a series of complementary services for business customers, such as website builder packages and email packages. These can help smaller businesses in particular to save time and money, with savings on offer where multiple services are packaged up. Additionally, where the host company has already provided a good service, then customers can have trust in their ability to deliver a great all-in service. Find out more at

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4. What’s the Track Record?

To have faith in your new host provider, it’s important to find a business with a great track record. Look for reviews from a trusted third-party review site, such as TrustedReviews. Speak to colleagues and people in your network for their recommendations as well. You should experience a great service from the first contact when you get in touch with a potential host provider, and you should work from a shortlist with a ranking system if you are buying a large and expensive service package for a business. Rank your most important internal factors, such as uptime, resilience, security protocols, budget and so forth, and then assign scores to each potential hotlist provider in order to make an objective decision on the best.