Why Are Dark Colours Slimming?

Most people have heard that black is a slimming colour, but they aren’t sure why this is the case – or even if it is true or not. Here is everything you need to know about dark colours and why they can appear slimming.

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Why Black Is Slimming

It is true that black is a slimming colour. This is because black hides the shadows that are created by the natural bumps and lumps on your body, so your body looks smooth and toned. This is ideal for people who wish they were slimmer, but it is important to note that colour isn’t everything: style is important too. So make sure to choose outfits that have a flattering style; for instance, high-waisted trousers can also create a slimmer form, so black high-waisted trousers could be very flattering. However, too-small jeans with a low waist can add weight to your body, so if you want to look slimmer you may want to avoid this style, even if the jeans are black.

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Other Colours You Can Wear

When people talk about slimming colours, they normally only talk about black clothes, but in reality there are other dark colours that have the same slimming effect. For instance, dark grey, navy and dark purple will also hide shadows that appear on your outfit, so they will have the same slimming effect.

However, it is important to be aware that not everyone suits the same colours. So if you are thinking about updating your wardrobe with dark colours, you should take the time to find dark colours that match your natural skin tone.

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It is also important to remember that light colours will have the exact opposite effect on your body. White, tan and cream can all highlight lumps and bumps, so if you are self-conscious about certain areas you might want to avoid buying these colours. So, for example, if you have a large chest and you wish it were smaller, you should avoid wearing tight white shirts, as they will draw too much attention to your upper body. And if you dislike your thighs, you might want to avoid wearing tan, khaki or cream trousers.