Make Your Sweetheart Swoon With a Romantic Valentine’s Day Gesture

On February 14th, show your affection and appreciation for the one you love with a meaningful gift that will touch the heart. Whether you’re able to purchase a lavish present or simply wish to make your feelings known without spending a lot of money, choose something thoughtful that will not only symbolize your feelings but also strengthen your bond.

Remember Favorites

Nothing is quite as romantic as truly knowing your significant other’s likes and dislikes. Show you’ve been paying attention by presenting a gift that your beloved can eat, wear or enjoy. Consider offering valentines day gift baskets filled with preferred candy, flowers or gourmet food items. Purchase a cozy sweater that brings out the color of her eyes or a piece of jewelry with a twinkling birthstone. Compile a selection of books, movies or music featuring admired authors or artists that he can appreciate during his free time.

Honor Traditions

Show gratitude for your relationship by following Valentine’s Day traditions and rekindling the past. Present your date with a card or small scrapbook, for example, that includes photos in addition to a written declaration of love. As a heartwarming touch, add lyrics from a song that played on your first date, lines of dialogue from a movie you enjoyed together or quotes that remind you of your better half.

Create Memories

Make the day memorable by embarking on an adventure together.  Go skydiving, ride a bicycle built for two or take a hike to watch a beautiful sunset.  Book a hotel and explore a new city, cuddle by a bonfire on the beach or sleep under the stars — even if it’s just in your backyard. The goal is to share an experience that you’ll reminisce about later.

A little extra effort when brainstorming for your valentine’s gift can make the difference between average and amazing. A heartfelt gesture will show how much you truly care about your special someone.