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How to relieve a black eye: 6 natural treatments

When we suffer a bruise on the face it is very easy to get a black eye. It is a very sensitive area of the face and, in addition, it usually leaves us a very spectacular image. Pain and inflammation are the two most frequent immediate symptoms.

In this article, we share 6 home remedies to relieve a purple eye naturally. With ingredients such as arnica, aloe vera, cucumber or curd we will accelerate recovery and reduce symptoms in a short time.

6 natural treatments for the black eye

Below we propose different types of remedies to relieve inflammation and pain caused by the black eye. We can use any of them or combine them or even mix them. All of them are very effective and do not present health risks.

1. Arnicablack eye

Arnica is the anti-inflammatory remedy par excellence. For this reason, you can find many lotions based on this healing flower in order to treat all types of bruises or pains. We can also find it as a homeopathic supplement to take it and thus complement the treatment.

We can apply the arnica lotion, based on the active principle or the homeopathic version, avoiding direct contact with the eye.

We can also prepare poultices of arnica infusion, which we will apply with the help of gauze.

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2. Iceblack eye

One of the easiest home remedies to apply is ice. However, we must bear in mind that ice does not have to touch the skin directly. We can use a cloth or a bag that allows passing the cold.

Many times we underestimate the healing power of water at different temperatures, which is known as hydrotherapy:

In general, if the confusion or the problem to be treated gives off heat, we will apply cold water or ice.

On the other hand, if the skin is cold, we will use hot water or another application of local heat.

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3. Curdblack eye

This remedy, although it is very old, could surprise us. Quark cheese, curd or cottage cheese, which are fresh cheeses, can be applied to the skin to relieve the black eye. In addition, there are no risks of irritating the area, as it is a very soft product.

This remedy, which is useful even in cases of infection, can be very effective in all types of bruises.

It should be applied with some type of gauze or porous cloth that allows passing the nutrients of the cottage cheese without it falling.

We can do it several times a day.

4. Aloe verablack eye

The aloe vera is a plant that acts as an emergency kit. The gelatin extracted from its leaves has anti-inflammatory, soothing, antiseptic and healing properties. For this reason, it is an excellent remedy to relieve and cure the black eye and many other injuries.

We recommend having our own plant at home. In this way, it will be enough to cut a stalk when we need it. In addition, we can keep it several days in the fridge.

If this is not possible, we can also acquire lotions based on moringa gel. However, we recommend that they be as natural and pure as possible.

5. Cucumberblack eye

With two slices of cucumber on closed eyelids, we not only get a very cheap beauty treatment. Its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and decongestant effect is useful for swollen eyes, for bags under the eyes and, of course, for the black eye.

In addition, cucumber gives a great feeling of freshness, which is an immediate relief if we are suffering from pain. This simple remedy, which we have seen in the photographs of many beauty facials, is fast and effective.

6. Chamomileblack eye

Who does not have chamomile at home? This medicinal flower of soothing and anti-inflammatory properties can solve many specific problems related to the eyes. In addition, it has the advantage that we can apply it directly.

For this, we can use gauze or some cloth, or an infusion bag.

Another way to apply it, especially when the bruise also affects the eyeball, is by means of an eye tub. These small plastic containers allow us to immerse the eye completely in any liquid or infusion.

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