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12 Plants that create positive energy in your home

Plants are used for a variety of reasons. When it comes to decorating the interior of a home, plants are an affordable solution. This is because they significantly improve the flow of positive energy. Do you know that in homes, there is often more negative energy than positive? According to research, there are plants in a home that can turn negative energies into positive energies. Do you want to know them? Here are 12. They have been carefully selected to help you understand what they can bring to the comfort of your home.

12 plants to attract positive energy

Research in the field of phytotherapy has made it possible to know the virtues of plants. Here are some plants that, installed at home, will have an excellent impact on your well-being.

1 – The Lily of Peace

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The Lily of Peace is an excellent promoter of physical and spiritual well-being. It is a plant that has a great ability to purify the air. It annihilates the negative energies. It helps to perfect the quality of the energy circulating around him. Unlike rosemary, it must be kept in a dark place. When placed in a bedroom, the lily of peace allows for peaceful nights. Continue reading: Starts with garden or terrace

2- Aloe Vera

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This plant gives off a very good positive energy. This is a bulwark against negative energies. It offers great healing properties. To benefit the best of its effects, you must place it judiciously. She must have a good light. Protect it from direct sunlight, however.

3- Jasmine

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Jasmine is very popular for its ability to improve the energy around you. It is a plant with a sweet smell. When it is well planted outside, it brings a lot of positive. When placed near a south-facing window, jasmine offers better features for attracting positive energies into a home. Keep reading http://spottingit.com/home-improvement/five-great-reasons-to-build-your-next-home/

Did you know that you can strengthen marital bonds just by having a jasmine in your yard? When the tension rises sometimes between the members of a couple, it suffices to contemplate the splendor of a jasmine and to smell its pleasant smell during a time to appease the restless spirits.

4- The Crassula

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Crassula is a particular plant. According to the designs of Feng Shui, she is able to get you the fortune. Fortune comes while sleeping. According to this art, we can also say that fortune comes by having a crassula in his room! It is also a plant that can reduce stress and negative ideas.

To promote the action of crassula at home, it must be placed in front of a corner of your room. He will have to be less exposed to the sun.

5- Sage

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Given the beneficial effects it can have on humans, we should find a sage in each home. It calms anger and soothes fear. It has several medicinal properties. Sage is a good option to improve the flow of positive energies in your homes. However, avoid exposure to strong sunlight.

6- Rosemary

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Rosemary has great medicinal properties. For example, it improves physical and mental health. It can perfectly remove the negative energies from your home and offers excellent results when used against fatigue or insomnia. He needs to be in a place exposed to the sun’s rays. Avoid over-watering.

7- The Sacred Basilisk

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Holy basil, sacred plant! Its therapeutic virtues are enormous. It has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a plant that also releases a large amount of oxygen. This allows him to absorb the harmful gases that circulate in the vicinity. It works best when it is oriented to the north, northeast, or east.

8- The Orchid

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The orchid has a delicate and very pleasant fragrance. This attracts positive energy while improving the energy flow in your room. Watching it closely, it releases a good amount of oxygen in the evening, which makes it the ideal plant in the rooms.

9- English ivy

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English ivy is a plant that grows as it rises. It is very practical to embellish your small spaces. Well installed, it allows a better purification of the ambient temperature. Its greatest asset is that it helps to divert the negative energies of your premises.

10- Chrysanthemum

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In Feng Shui, this plant is the living symbol of longevity. Do you want to live long? Do not miss a chrysanthemum in your room. It has many healing properties that allow it to eliminate harmful gases from the air around it. It also promotes serenity. It should be stored in a place away from direct sunlight. It must also be watered frequently.

11- Thyme

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Since ancient times, thyme has been used to hunt down negative waves. Having it at home brings more serenity to all your rooms. It effectively fights bad luck. This is what earned him the nickname “purifying plant”. It also helps to strengthen your self-esteem.

12 – Bamboo of luck

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Bamboo conservation of luck is very simple. Just place it in a container filled with 5 cm of distilled water. It is very beneficial when it is in a protected environment from direct sunlight. This plant is commonly used as a symbol of good fortune attraction. According to a tradition of this continent, this plant represents wood and water which are two elements likely to have great impacts on the life of man.


There are many plants that can drive negative waves out of your homes to attract positive energies. Whatever your choice, you will be satisfied with the result. Do not miss to place one of these plants at home because the game is worth the candle.

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