The best thing about a small apartment with a high ceiling is the possibility of having a loft

small apartment decoration

I live in an attic that has areas with very low ceiling but in the living room has a corner with enough height, the first thing I thought when I bought it is that when I made a reform I would try to take advantage of that height somehow. Several years have passed and the reality is that I have not done it yet, but every time I see a loft I feel like starting with the work already.

small apartment decorationToday we snoop in a small apartment of 50 square meters in Brazil renovated by Vão arquitetura that has many good details and very inspiring but of which I am left with that use of the height of the roof with a large storage module that has a free zone in its top.

small apartment decorationIn the images you can see the module from two different perspectives, on both sides there is a staircase to go up to the upper area of ​​the loft that can be used as an extra storage or to sit down to rest a while, to create a reading corner .. I do not know what you will think but I see many possibilities and I love it.

small apartment decorationAs I said, beyond the loft the apartment is adorable in every way. The kitchen is small but very complete and is connected to the living room. There is even connection to the outside with a balcony that fills the living room with natural light.

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small apartment decorationIn the most private and intimate area we find the bedroom and the bathroom. The white color and in general the light tones are protagonists in all the apartment, something fundamental in small spaces to obtain a sensation of greater amplitude. But there are also details in other colors, I see a perfect balance of styles and tones and a great use of space. Do not you think?

small apartment decoration