Perfect swimsuit for you to be super comfortable on the beach and in the pool


Of course one wants to go to the beach wearing a swimsuit that looks fantastic, one in which you’ll want to take 700 photos. But then the time comes to get into the sea and you doubt it because you fear that the waves will start it. Or you do not even want to move your arms out of fear that something will come out of you without your permission.

In this list, we will not tell you what clothes you should wear according to the shape of your body to see you “better” (because we know how pretty you are). Rather, we’ll share some tips from experts so you do not lose style or comfort.

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  • If you have a lot of bust
  • If your hips are wide
  • If you do not have many curves

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1. If you have a lot of bust

swimsuitWhen your bra size belongs to the major leagues, you know how annoying it is to run and feel that everything jumps everywhere. Worse yet, be afraid that one of your girls will get out of your place.

You can buy a swimsuit with the structure to give you the necessary support. Swim Spot (a brand specializing in the diversity of bodies) bet with swimsuits with included cups and/or thick and strong straps to avoid discomfort and even pain in the back and neck. Continue reading: Get dressed fast in the morning and sleep happy 10 minutes more!

2. If your hips are wide

Nothing is more annoying than having to pull on and pull on the swimsuit when you feel that you are getting too high. The worst: you go back down, take a step and pop! it goes again up. Both in women with wide hips or with a lot of bust, it is not about hiding under kilos of fabric. As Swim Spot explains, it’s about getting the comfort and silhouette you want.

Whether it’s a bikini or a one-piece suit, look for garments that hug your curves and conform to them, so they allow you to move freely. Keep reading

3. If you do not have many curves

swimsuitIf you have a petite figure, maybe your concern is that the swimsuit will look like a circus tent. And sometimes clothing that is not your size, can make you feel uncomfortable or expose more than you would like. Opt for a tight suit or bikini that enhances the natural shape of your body.

Take advantage of different patterns or designs to create an interesting silhouette. Classic bikinis in the shape of a triangle, a halter cut or even a crop top, as suggested by Swim Spot.

When you go shopping, keep in mind what activities you will do on your vacation. If you plan to run and swim from here to there, looking for comfortable and practical options. But if you only want to tan or take a light walk in the sand, maybe you can give more prominence to the style. The most important thing is to remember that your body is only yours and you are free to experiment with the clothes you want.

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