How to get the most from your indoor TV antenna

If you thought the days of the indoor TV antenna were over, think again. Millions of people are getting fed up with the increasing costs of TV subscriptions, especially as the free offerings have expanded over the last decade. While many of us switched to other forms of TV provision, high numbers of viewers are now going back to basics and cancelling expensive subscriptions that are often barely used.

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If you would like to get the most from your indoor antenna, or are thinking about getting a new one, here are some tips.

Place the antenna near a window

Limiting the number of obstructions between the signal and your antenna will give you the best viewing experience. Walls and ceilings can hamper the signal, so it is best to place your antenna in or near a window.

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Try out different placements

If you are not having much luck with your antenna in one location, simply try again. This is largely trial and error, and it can take some time to find the optimum spot for your antenna; however, it will be worth it in the end. Try moving your antenna into various locations in your home and check the TV after each placement to see where works and where doesn’t.

Once you are happy with the placement, consider securing your antenna. Which? suggests adhesive Velcro pads or even Blu Tack for this simple job. Securing your antenna ensures you won’t constantly be adjusting the position every time it is knocked or moved.

Invest in a new antenna

If you have had your antenna for years, it is almost certainly time for a replacement. Newer aerials are much more effective, and you might find you get fantastic results simply by replacing your older model. For reliable TV aerial installation in Swansea, check out reputable suppliers. Specialists in TV aerial Installation in Swansea will be able to provide tips on how to get the most from your antenna and could drastically enhance your TV viewing experience.

Avoid placing your antenna near metal objects

If you have followed the advice about placing your antenna in a window but have metal security bars on the window, this could affect your antenna’s performance. Metallic objects or surfaces can interfere with the signals received by your aerial and cause issues.