Who Can I Get to Repair My Household Appliances?

Washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, boilers, cookers – our homes are full of machines that we rely on, and if any of them break down it can be inconvenient to say the least. But where do you go if you need an appliance repaired?

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If your car goes wrong, you can take it to any garage as manufacturers are obliged by law to share technical information relating to their products. There is no such requirement for domestic appliances, however.

Independent Repairers

There are many independents offering appliance repair services, but they are reliant on the manufacturers not just for information on diagnosing faults but also for the supply of spare parts. Some companies are happy to offer technical information free of charge, and you may find service manuals on their websites. Some, though, will charge a fee to provide the information, and still others won’t provide information to third-party repairers at all. Often makers will appoint authorised companies to carry out their servicing and warranty work. The problem for householders is that this will often lock you into a particular supplier. Also it’s sometimes true that when you call the manufacturer’s service line number you are in fact put through to an extended warranty company who will want to sell you a maintenance plan.

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The supply of parts for older machines needing repair can be a problem too. This is why many extended warranty plans offer to replace a machine with a new equivalent if it can’t be repaired. Many people don’t want to take out a long-term plan, though, so you are back to the original problem. Often on modern appliances it’s the electronic components and circuit boards that fail ahead of the mechanical parts.

Heating Boilers

The situation is a bit different for central heating systems. Many companies offering Bristol boiler services such as https://www.bristolboilerservice.co.uk/bristol-boilers/boiler-service-bristol are happy to tackle most makes of boiler. Again, parts can be an issue for older models, but many of the standard components of a heating system like pumps or motorised valves are fairly standard and therefore interchangeable.

Having your boiler serviced regularly is essential. This ensures that it continues to operate reliably and safely. Any problems can be spotted before they develop into serious issues, and therefore the chance of a breakdown is reduced.