How to Create the Perfect Guestroom

Having a spare room for guests is great, but is yours comfortable and appealing or a functional space with little more than a bed in it? Feeling guilty? There’s no need, as it is really easy to transform any bedroom into the perfect guestroom sure to please even the most demanding of overnight visitors.

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Start with the Bed

It should have a clean and comfortable mattress, a selection of pillows (some softer, some firmer), and fresh bedding. Cotton is a safer choice than silky, nylon-like or overly warm materials. Provide a spare set of sheets and pillow covers, just in case of spills, and a blanket in case someone feels the cold.

Create Space for Luggage

Ideally, there will be at least an empty dresser, possibly a wardrobe or hanging space (and hangers) so your guests can unpack their clothes and personal effects. At the very least provide a solid chair or table for a suitcase to be stored on and some over-the-door hooks.

Is the Floor Comfortable?

Carpet can get dusty and be hard to clean, so go for a good-quality laminate flooring instead. Look for a specialist supplier such as so you can get good advice on what works best with your budget and décor. If you plan to lay rugs or mats, make sure they have a non-slip backing.

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Blinds or Curtains?

Most people have their own personal preferences when it comes to windows and blocking out light. The safest solution is to dress yours with a combination of blinds and thick curtains – then your guests have the choice of using one or both at night.

Lighting Matters

Bedside lamps create a nice ambience, but they also give guests the freedom to relax or read in bed without having to get up and turn out an overhead light.

A Chair Is Always Nice

While it is not essential, having a comfy place to sit apart from the bed is always welcome. If space allows, add a small side table too, possibly with another lamp.

Thoughtful Touches

Leave everyday basic items such as a hairdryer, alarm clock, tissues and wastepaper bin in the room for guests to make use of if they need to. Or go the extra mile and leave out some snacks, bottled water, magazines and essential toiletry items.