9 Ideas to decorate a small living that will surprise you

small living

To decorate a small living room, comfort and personal taste must be combined to achieve a pleasant and multifunctional place where pleasant moments are lived both in a family and with guests. It may seem complicated, but if you follow these ideas you will decorate a small room without any problem.

The first thing to do is to know the available space, define the needs and the taste to decorate. The decoration should always complement the functionality that is going to be required for that environment and adapt to the personal tastes of each one.

Here we share with you 9 ideas to decorate a small living

It is essential to combine simplicity and simplicity to decorate small spaces. For that reason, it is better to lean towards a minimalist decoration; in this way, you can get an environment that is not saturated or overloaded. Following these ideas will achieve an excellent result.

1. Simple walls and light colorssmall living

Painting the walls in light colors such as white or light gray will make the place look more spacious and bright. In addition, these neutral colors have two advantages: they do not go out of style and serve as a basis for freely choosing the type of decoration. It is a good idea to paint a single wall of a different color.

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2. Light

In low space environments, natural and artificial light is of utmost importance. Try not to hinder the entry of natural light to give a feeling of greater amplitude. Leaving windows and doors free is the best alternative.

In addition, to provide artificial lighting, you can place a lamp in the center of the ceiling and supplement with lamps table in different sectors to create more cozy corners. You can also place floor lamps, which take up little space and illuminate perfectly.

3. Sidewalks

The stools or puffs are small decorated seats that are fashionable. They occupy little space, they are extremely practical since they can be easily moved and placed under tables or in corners when they are not used. They can be upholstered in different colors. Another option that some have is to lift the lid and get a storage space inside.

4. Cushionssmall living

It is a good option to place several decorative pillows of different shapes and colors throughout the room. They completely change the aesthetics compared to a neutral color chair. Being small elements allow you to take risks with different patterns and textures to achieve in this way an original and different decoration.

5. Large mirror

Placing a large mirror on a wall of the room will help to project the light. Thanks to him, an optical illusion that space is wider will be achieved. It is important to choose a mirror according to the decoration of the place so that it is in harmony with the rest of the furniture.

6. Pictures on a wallsmall living

A trick to decorating a small room is to only place on a wall several pictures so that there are free spaces between them to not tire the eyes. In this way, they are much better visually than if they are placed uniformly throughout the room.

7. Plants

Hanging plants can be used to decorate a small living room, since they do not take up much space and, in addition, bring life to the home. They can also be placed in small pots on shelves or cabinets. It is very simple to recycle unused elements and make beautiful pots in your own style.

8. Coat racks

A great idea is to place racks behind the doors or on the walls of the corridors. These occupy very little space and serve to hang coats, wallets, and umbrellas. They are a great solution to have on hand those objects that are needed every day.

9. Furnituresmall living

The choice of furniture type is of utmost importance. Small and small furniture should be chosen and, as far as possible, they should fulfill more than one function. In addition, we should try to integrate them comfortably into the environment and not recharge the furniture space that is not used daily.

To decorate a small living room, it is essential to combine aesthetics with the functionality desired for the environment, without filling it with objects that prevent free movement around the place. If you follow the steps above, it will be a simple and enjoyable task. Decorate your small living and tell us about your experience!

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