Quotes from your mother understand only guess right when you’re a mother

Quotes from your mother

Put those eyes, or were dating running at the slightest opportunity just to not have to listen again. Now you are the one who is exercising the role of mother one of those phrases (no, cannot be!) Just came out of your mouth. In addition, alas, it all makes sense, even that of “when you’re mother will understand.”

1. Order this pigsty

You thought she was invading your privacy or had some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder with cleaning. It got as hysterical as you now did when you walk into your room and you clad as any of her toys at her feet.

Quotes from your mother
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2. Do you think money grows on trees?

We also released her castigate variant: do you think I’m the Bank? In addition, you had the demons that do not drop the pasta every time it is asked but now understand the importance of teaching the value of things.

3. Good things happen to those who have patience

With fifteen years, it is difficult to understand that want something and you want it now, but now know that getting a goal takes time, effort and desire.

4. You must believe that you never had your age

We could not believe that our mothers were … people! Women with dreams, concerns, hobbies and understood well what was happening to us through our heads, because they had been there. In addition, they had the same crazy ideas.

5. I have not sat all day

Nonrefundable and you were saying that she was exaggerating, it was a whiner or intended to make you feel bad, but now you’re the one that takes hours to and fro and would kill for five minutes to sit on the couch .

6. To me what makes I do not care

Interestingly she also did not care if was thrown over a bridge or if left her out until all hours. Funny, you happen to you exactly the same with those unknown brats with your children meet.

7. If I go if I find it

In addition, what if she did. Moreover, you would like Google engineers are as effective finding things at first like your mother or like you now.

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8. I tell you for your sake

No thought at all, you thought you just said to convince you to do what she wanted. But I do not know how much you can love another human being, how so unconditionally and so little selfish

9. This is not a hotel

Comparisons are odious and now that you have opened your own hotel laundry service and room, you realize that theirs was a five star.

10. Have you already washed your hands?

What obsession was with the matter? In addition, that there were many scientific studies on the subject and the title role with clean hands to avoid even the dumbest cold.

11. From the beauty is not eaten

Study, work, strive for something other than your physical, assert yourself for something more important that you wear makeup. Hard to believe. Egocentric fifteen years is hard to think that there is something more important than how you feel those jeans, but everything has changed now, right?

12. My house, my rules

You were willing to become independent to have your own house and your own rules. Now you have got will not come a tadpole to skip them, right? Oh, what a coincidence…

13. Because I said so

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