How to have a sincere relationship?

sincere relationship

The relationships are complicated, especially at the stage of coexistence. Its members must deal with many setbacks and differences in order to create, gradually, a space together that is as close as possible to a stable and true relationship. Sometimes it costs us to turn our fledgling real life partner and true love, either by our own fears and shortcomings or external pressures. In blog-collector we help you build a healthy and real relationship, in which you feel comfortable, safe and happy. If you are interested in how to have a sincere relationship with the person you love, do not miss this article…

Sincere relationship
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1) The basis of any relationship is communication, but a fluid and honest communication is not easy to get. One of the keys to good communication is empathy, the ability we have to put ourselves in the place of another. Without good empathy, it is difficult for us to know how you can feel our partner to circumstances or our behavior. We can develop empathy getting to know ourselves better and thinking before doing or saying something, how we would set that to us. Self-control is also important to avoid impulsive reactions such as anger attacks.

Another fundamental basis for good communication is assertiveness. Being assertive is to learn to say things in a firm way, but educated and choosing the right time. There are many ways to say things and it may depend largely on the reaction we will get from the other person.

Communication is not just to “hear” what you say, but you should “listen”, that is, practice active listening. If we listen to what your partner says rather than hear it, we will be able to understand better and therefore communicate with it in an optimal way.

2) The routine is one of the things that can destroy life more as a couple. It is important that members of the same are able to break a dynamic that nothing brings to the relationship. It’s easy to get tired the other if we keep doing the same thing, the couple must be willing to open new horizons to expand your world and make it more enriching. It may lead an effort by the two members, but it will be necessary and beneficial for both.

The couple must always careful not consider already conquered and that it will be until the end of days. Change habits, new activities together and, ultimately, break the daily routine, strengthen the relationship and make it richer and honest.

3) The problems must be addressed in the company, it is important that each member of the couple is able to fully trust the other person to explain their concerns, hopes and anxieties. A relationship that does not give is a doomed relationship. So if what you want is a sincere relationship, cultivate that side.

It will be very useful to be able to dramatize the situation and optimism. Always seek alternatives together for the setbacks of life you will be established in your relationship. Do not judge and understand your partner will also facilitate this open to you and may be able to help in a better way.

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4) Having a life of its own, independent of elapse with your partner, you will also improve your relationship. It is important that your life is not limited only to a couple you do and enjoy an independent social life of you who have trained with him / her. That will give you a very healthy independence and autonomy that will enrich your relationship and yourself, making yourselves someone less dependent and more flexible, which will be able to see another perspective relationship problems emerging and developing greater resolving power.

Human beings are contradictory and complex; we need to have a full life to feel complete, therefore, retains your friends, your hobbies solo practice and keep a good relationship with your family.

5) Sex is very important to make the relationship work, it should not be neglected, plus it is very necessary experience new things and feels relaxed and calm.

Sexual attraction is something that decreases over time, it is normal, but in exchange for lack of novelty, can build trust and a deeper love. If you trust your partner, you’ll be able to experience different things in matters of sex that perhaps were afraid to play when ye had some knowledge less, or you can even get to perfect a practice that previously gave you too well. Well understood in sex trust can make sex better and better and more satisfying, but always we put forward to improve and innovate.

Love, caresses and pampering are not out of this facet of the relationship. Any kind of intimacy pleasant one and create a bond between you two should be strengthened, not only the penetration necessary to enjoy a good session partner sex.