How to know if I want as a friend or something more


When ties are very strong, friendship is very common that we have the support and companionship of the other person for almost everything. In fact, it is not surprising that in such cases become inseparable friends and that the relationship can evolve into something deeper.

However, when communication is not entirely clear and there are some mixed signals, it is possible to have the question: how do you know if he loves me as a friend or something more? For this reason, we’ll give you some clues so you can this uncertainty more easily.

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1) The topics of conversation between the two can be a clue to know if you want as a friend or something else. If those who often make jokes or distasteful with your friends and do the same to you, it is because you are so special as the rest of your nearest group, no more than that. Similarly, if you constantly is telling about your affairs with other girls, or if you ask for advice about it, you know you’re not interested in you. On the other hand, if you are interested to know about his personal life, it makes you compliments, you see important decisions or shows interest in how’s your love life, you may want to have you in his life as something else.

2) Examine the quality of time who pass together, for example, what does when he’s with you? Just you want to hang out while the time to see someone else or is interested in sharing any activity you both enjoy arrives? When asks you out, are you two alone or always invites the group of college or office? If you are at home, do you mind you see the mess that is mounted or that strives to see a better version of what shows to your other friends?

If you want to use the time when you’re together, if you care that during that time it passes as well as he, if you are his priority at that moment, or if you want to show a different side to the one that shows him to her friends, is likely to be trying to make you feel special because what he feels for you is deeper than friendship.

3) One way to know if you want as a friend or something else is if you try to get youcouple among his friends. It is a way of telling you that you are part of his inner circle, but their relationship did not go beyond. In fact, it may even be that you have already noticed your feelings for him and this is his way of putting a boundary between you.

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4) What happens with you when you are away from each other? If he is awaiting your return, if you want to know how you get where you are, if you’re good, if you contact by phone, mail or messages to hear from you, certainly want to know that you’re more special for him than the rest of his friends. If, however, you’re far does not mean anything special to him, you know the answer.

5) Two close friends are people who are always leaning, but if he wants to be part of your world, your projects, or if he will engage in their own and do not do that with other people, it is almost certain that you are considered as more her friend. Help solve urgent things, make it favors in exceptional situations in which another friend would tell you no, that does not do anything to be with you or be your emotional support during difficult times can be a signal that your relationship is much more stronger than friendship, especially if he does not do for others what it does for you.

6) Finally, to answer the question yourself how to know if you are her friend or something and know if you want, it is best to sit objectively reflect on their behavior, without self – deception. If you are considered as one of his friends, if no special moments with you, if you care about the same as the rest of the group, it means that there is nothing more of you than friendship. But if instead you feel that he strives to be someone special to you, and is exceptionally when you are alone and within the circle of friends is because the friendship that you have has evolved and become something else. The best way to confirm this is to use the trust you will have to talk about it frankly and maturity. It may be the beginning of a new stage for both.