How to overcome the jetlag for newbies

Overcome the jetlag

The jetlag is the closest thing to love I know. You unsettles, change your biological rhythms, it affects your mood, alter your leaving sleep zombie all-day and undead at night, takes your appetite or you accelerates it prevents you focus and gives you a headache. Well, actually, it could be love … or hangover.

There are tips even before the big trip but honestly, we already have enough suitcases to organize, prioritize, put (empty!) Memory card to the camera, delete and make space in the mobile and remember the passport. It summarized in two easy things but to do well: drink (lots of water, no alcohol) and sleep, so it can happen.

Overcome the jetlag
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  1. Change the chip and the clock

Forget the tourist thinking and get home jersey. Set clock and reset where you come from and what time it is there. Live in the moment … to be awake. Upon landing think in the present and do not start with the calculations and formulas for tenser with time zone differences. Grave mistake of constantly repeated that “for now would be my …”.

  1. Make life

It sounds easy but it is not. It’s not your strong personality and your schedules marked military school in the travel destination. Be flexible and adapt yourself (albeit weak) to the new rhythm. For once, try not to do too much attention to your body. Be strong and hold to go to bed at a decent hour or come into the circle of death if you sleep when you want and not when you should. It is very likely that if you go to bed at six o’clock, at four am’re already dressed in scout looking for the rest, hitting the fingers of the hands and saying ‘well, what’.

  1. The importance of a good meal

To be an authentic native Indian you should respect timetables; break times and of course, food. During the trip, your meals will have been little strange and certainly grateful, but nothing happens if getting very light or even eat fasting of the day (hydrating well, especially with fruit juices or vegetables). If you arrive in the morning, need not you make me come back for breakfast or lunch, you can jump on the bandwagon of normal when you feel better or wait to eat something at the end of the day to the next day will be easier to adapt to your “new life”.

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  1. Manages the intensity

In addition, I do not mean reading new poetry. Try to adapt your activities not only given day, also the times of day. It is advisable not to stop after eating to, as the rest is cluelessness, take a nap. It would be nice to end the day with a walk before or after dinner to round off and fall into bed. Alternatively, whatever.

  1. To logoff

Once you have done all the homework, so (”FINALLY!’) can go to sleep. It has been a tough day but has reached the big time. Three key things: make sure you are comfortable and good temperature (the famous being “intemperate” is very common in these situations), off – mutes – thrown out the window your mobile phone (avoid keep awake and wake up early) and finally here you have several magic tricks: a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow, take a manzanilla before sleeping, use earplugs, wear a mask or even take melatonin.

In addition, yes, indeed, when you think you already have everything under control, you get to go home. This time there is only one piece of advice: patience. Visit for more like this.