The 5 most interesting places to visit in Indonesia

places to visit in Indonesia

Today we are going to change the registry. We will discuss the most amazing places to visit in Indonesia for them who are planning to explore Indonesia. In short, we have started looking for information to see the destinations that interest us most in this great country. Do you want to know which places have attracted us the most to visit Indonesia?

Good to start Indonesia is a country with more than 250 million people spread out over a lot of islands. There are a few large islands, overpopulated and well known, where most of the population lives. And there are thousands of small islands, many of them practically uninhabited. That is a wonder to get lost and explore everything possible.

Between so many islands you have to decide which are your favorite destinations to get to know Indonesia and focus your interest on them. Then the trip will surprise you as it develops. We love Nature and different cultures with their temples and monuments.

These are our 5 chosen places to visit in Indonesia:

1. Java

With the dubious honor of being the most populated island in the world, with 145 million inhabitants, something really attractive is needed.

 places to visit in Indonesia

We chose to move away from the overpopulated Jakarta and head towards the center of the island.

Here we will find two authentic architectural wonders. One of them is The Borobudur Temple, which is the largest Buddhist sanctuary in the world. In addition to its impressive size and design, it houses more than 500 Buddha statues.

The other visit is in Prambanan, quite close to the previous one. It is a set of temples (similar to Angkor Wat, in Cambodia), and is made up of more than 200 sanctuaries. What a win!

2. Sumatra

Undoubtedly, the visit to Bukit Luwang for trekking through the Gunung Leuser National Park is an unforgettable experience.

Many of us have seen orangutans and you all know how they are, but the experience of being able to observe them in their environment is unparalleled. If we had to choose a single activity in the whole trip, this trek has all the numbers.

 places to visit in Indonesia

A little further south, we find the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba. A lake of 1100 km2, with an island in the middle, Samosir Island.

In the north of Sumatra we can take a leap to the island of Pulau We, where besides being able to find affordable accommodation, you can enjoy impressive dives.

3. Bali

We cannot forget about Bali. Although we do not go on our honeymoon, Bali is one of the idyllic places to visit in Indonesia. Still, we intend to discover other interesting places to visit Bali.

 places to visit in Indonesia

The terraced rice fields, so typical of the East, the visits to the traditional villages, the volcanoes of the Pacific fire belt … And especially the 22 temples that form Pura Besakih.

4. Komodo Island

No doubt you already know why we have chosen it. We have always been attracted to dragons. And this is the perfect opportunity to know a real one in its natural environment.

Komodo is a small island east of Bali, with about 2000 inhabitants and with two essential claims: dragons and diving.

 places to visit in Indonesia

To see the Komodo dragons in the wild you have to do it accompanied by forest guards. Unlike most of the natural spaces, this is done to prevent the dragons from eating a tourist and not to protect them from any kaffir.

As for scuba diving, the Komodo funds are impressive and display a catalog of flora and fauna that is worth it alone. Sharks, rays, dolphins, turtles, whales. Without countless colorful fish, corals and underwater landscapes print.

5.  Western Papua

And for strong sensations, what better than to jump up to West Papua.

We did not know that half of the island of New Guinea belonged to Indonesia.

Of course, it is not a usual destination for pleasure trips. However, here it can be said that it is another world. Most of the inhabitants of this area live at a different pace and there are many tribes that have never had contact with civilization.

 places to visit in Indonesia

It is an area recognized by the existence of cannibalism, but neither is it necessary to venture so much. There are many towns and places to visit in Indonesia that open their culture and customs to visitors.

We would like you to add some less known point that has caught your attention or you think we should add to this route. So we welcome you to comment on this idea.