Seven tricks to make your dessert more light


Are you one of those who can not do without dessert in a meal? Those who are gourmands can not avoid the temptation of some sweet, although it is clear that not every day can take a nice piece of cake. The home baking is almost always recommended when enjoying a sweet snack, as well as enjoy its preparation can better control all ingredients. For those home whims, here are seven tips to make your dessert lighter and feel less guilty.

Nor mistake: a chocolate cake will remain a chocolate cake much to prepare a recipe more “light”. But life is to enjoy it and it’s okay to take some sweet occasionally, in a healthy and eating in moderation. Yes, it is true that there are certain guidelines we can use in our desserts to reduce some calories, or at least to increase healthy nutrients. Furthermore, we leave recipe ideas that can be adapted to these tricks.

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1. Reduce the amount of sugar

Except in particularly complex pastry recipes such as meringues or elaborations of haute patisserie, the total sugar content can be lowered. As is the case with salt, we are too used to the really sweet, but can re – educate the palate. Start gradually reducing the amount of sugar and other sweeteners of your recipes, and watch the end you will like more gooey desserts less.

Sleazy sweet sugar abuse because the other ingredients are worthless. But to me, it makes me angry that a dessert of chocolate has no cocoa flavor, or spices or fruit flavors are absent because in a sweet only sweet sugar is perceived. Take the other ingredients to flavor your recipes without leaving the limelight to sugars, such as cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, citrus zest, lavender scent or roasted nuts.

2. Replace some butter or oil fruit puree

Cookies, cakes, and muffins simple lend themselves well to this little trick, especially what English speakers call quick bread. A cake lord of life or traditional muffins can be present if we remove the too much fat mass, but the muffins and cookies that are untrimmed support many games based recipe. The fruit purees add juiciness and moisture to mass allowing to reduce the amount of fat.

The most commonly used substitutes are compote or applesauce or pear, crushed ripe banana and avocado. The latter also provides a lot of flavors, but the applesauce is usually quite neutral. Keep in mind that the more fat removes a recipe, more will change the texture but does not have to be necessarily bad. Start by changing a small proportion and experiment with the results to your liking. Avocado works just adding healthy fats in your case.

3. Use wholemeal

Whole wheat flour has fewer calories than white everything-use times even has some more but provides interesting nutritional values. Refined flours quickly release sugar into the blood, while whole products do more gradually. By using wholemeal add fiber, besides being beneficial satiates us more and gather them prevents another portion.

Yes, look for whole grains quality, and if possible, they are real. You have to read the labels to choose those made ​​with whole grain, not refined flour to which it is then added bran. It is also important to consider that whole grain products absorb more liquid, so we have to adjust a little eye moisture of the mass if we replace a large amount of flour for a comprehensive variety.

4. Uses only egg whites

This trick will not work on recipes like bacon -obviously- sky, but masses of simple pastries there is usually no problem to replace part or all of the egg yolks listed in a recipe for clear. It is best to calculate the amount equivalent to the weight, and for that, we are very clear pasteurized practices that can be found in any supermarket.

Although the recipe does not indicate it, a good idea is to beat the egg whites to soft peaks and add them at the end of the dough to incorporate air before putting it in the oven. If we reduced the amount of fat in the recipe most likely have a cake or muffins denser, so incorporate additional fluffiness by the egg whites will improve the texture.

5. Add vegetables and legumes

No longer surprised to find almost no carrot cake, zucchini, squash, and beets, but remember that can be an extra healthy ingredient for all kinds of sweets. Like fruit purees, a cup of grated zucchini or carrot adds juiciness and allows replace some of the butter or oil. It is best to let the water drain few minutes before adding to the dough because they contain plenty of fluids that can vary the consistency of the mixture.

Legumes add more calories but also protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, plus much healthier carbohydrates carbon. Work particularly well in more dense and creamy desserts, such as puddings, creams, moist cakes or brownies. The beans or black and red beans they are best for these sweet, and you just have to grind very well once cooked to replace butter in the same proportion.

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6. Use low-fat products and Unsweetened

When preparing a dessert does not hurt to save all the “extras” that we can. If we are to make a chocolate cake is absurd adding more calories and sugar using cocoa or chocolate with milk and sugar. Always use pure cocoa without added sugar and chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Forget the chips already sell prepared, usually has a lot of sugar, it is preferable to buy a tablet and chop by hand. It will be rustic, but better.

Dairy products are also burdens replaced generally for their fat versions. Ingredients like milk, cream cheese, nonfat yogurt and fresh cheese beaten work almost as good as their counterparts whole, and it is always preferable to avoid sweetened versions.The same idea can apply to jams and jellies that are commonly used as filler. Look for varieties with a higher proportion of fruit or, better, prepare yourself a compote with very little sugar, using the best fruit you can find.

7. Dispenses with toppings, frosting, and heavy icings

Think for a moment: do you really need your biz Ocho a layer several centimeters buttercream or thick your cookies a sugary glaze? Hedges added calories and fat desserts and are not always necessary. A little icing sugar sifted also gives a nice, elegant touch, or a light fruit compote that we prepare ourselves. You can decorate cookies with beaten egg before baking and some nuts to natural.

If you do not want to do without coverage, at least, reduce the amounts. In a cake, you can join the fashion of naked cakes, filled only go between your floors but leave the outside “naked”. The cream cheese is a good alternative to the buttercreams heavier, provided they do not seek to decorative fancy stuff. Eliminates butter equation reduces sugar and skimmed uses cream cheese mixed with plain yogurt.

I insist that not all baking recipes work well if we eliminate or drastically reduce fats sugar we indicated, but generally, the most common desserts and sweets can be a little healthier by applying these simple tricks. The texture and flavor vary more or less, but if we experience little by little we’ll get used to less sinful desserts. With a little head and moderation, we can all enjoy a sweet treat once in a while.