7 signs that you do not eating enough


Have you ever wondered if you are not eating enough? Indeed, it is possible not to eat enough without realizing it. Consuming more calories than necessary is not good for your health, but restricting your diet can be very dangerous. Here are 7 signs that you are not eating enough, to rebalance your diet, for your health and to maintain a healthy weight.

There are many reasons for you to eat too little. It can simply be a bad habit that will have made your appetite to reduce. It can also be due to too drastic and dangerous diets or to a state of mental health that reduces your appetite. Whatever the case, your body sends you signs that you are feeding too little. So here are 7 signs that you are not eating enough so you can restore a normal diet.

1. A lack of energy

First of all, feeling weak and having little energy is a sign that you are not eating enough. Calories are indeed the unit to measure the energy that food brings to your body. If you do not consume enough, your body will not get enough energy to keep it healthy. You will feel tired most of the time.

eating If you reduce your calorie intake too much, you may slow down your metabolism. That way, as soon as you eat something, your body will keep it instead of burning fat. Eating too little can push you to gain weight more easily. It is also important to understand that your calorie intake should be modulated according to your physical activity. If you do a lot of sports, you will need to consume more calories than average. If you often feel tired, you have to think about eating more! Continue reading: How to enjoy the benefits of healthy habits

2. Hair loss

One of the signs that you are not eating enough? The loss of your hair. Indeed, it is normal to lose some hair every day in the shower or by brushing your hair. However, this loss can quickly become too important and scare you. Hair loss is often linked to dietary deficiencies, whether it is the deficiency of iron, calcium or other vitamins and minerals.

If you notice that you lose a lot more hair than normal, you should worry about the intake of your diet. These are most likely too weak. We also note the deficiencies in the nails, if they become softer and brittle quickly. It is important to eat enough to keep your organs healthy longer.

3. Constant hunger

eatingBeing hungry all the time is one of the signs that you are not eating enough. This sign may seem quite obvious. It is nonetheless important. If you are very often hungry and have a tendency to snack, it may mean that you are not eating enough at meal times. Studies show that not eating enough increases significantly the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that causes hunger but also increases fat in the belly. Not eating enough can unbalance your hormones and increase your feeling of hunger significantly.

4. Difficulties getting pregnant

Indeed, one of the signs that you are not eating enough is the difficulty in getting pregnant. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are two elements of your brain that work together to maintain a certain hormonal balance, and thus your reproductive health. Depending on the signals it receives, the hypothalamus increases or decreases its production of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones found in the pituitary gland.

When we eat too little, the percentage of reproductive hormones in our body decreases, so it becomes difficult if not impossible to get pregnant. If you have difficulty getting pregnant, it is quite possible that you are feeding too little, so as to alter your hormones. It is therefore important to increase your calorie intake if you realize that it is too low.

5. Sleep problems

One of the signs that you are not eating enough? Having trouble sleeping. Indeed, there is evidence that lack of sleep causes insulin resistance and weight gain. In addition, eating too little can directly cause sleep disturbances. Restricting diet too much causes difficulty falling asleep, less sleep and a constant bad mood.

eating Indeed, the feeling of hunger can really disturb your sleep and prevent you from falling asleep quickly. If you want to remedy this problem, it is important to eat enough on a daily basis. Respect the caloric intake you need. Without calories, it is not possible to live. If you think you have an eating disorder, it is important to talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

6. Irritability: one of the signs that you do not eat enough

Another sign that you are not eating enough? Being in an irritable mood most of the time. Indeed, irritability is linked to hunger and not eating in a balanced and sufficient way. The hunger and the lack of nutrients felt by our body are expressed by a feeling of frustration. In this way, we tend to feel less happy and get excited by small things that would normally leave us indifferent. The needs of everyone are of course different, depending on their size, weight, and physical activity. However, if you really eat too little, you will necessarily feel irritability after a while. Keep reading https://blog-collector.org/2016/11/26/eating-the-right-food-is-one-way-of-having-a-healthy-brain-and-sharper-memory/

7. Be cold all the time

One of the signs that you are not eating enough? Being constantly cold. Indeed, the body needs to burn a certain number of calories in order to maintain a good health and a sufficient temperature at the level of the body. Decreasing calorie intake therefore significantly decreases body temperature. If you feel a constant sensation of cold, it is possible that it is a sign that you are feeding too little.

eating In addition, people who eat too little have a level of T3, a hormone produced by the thyroid, too low. It is a hormone that helps maintain body temperature at a normal level. It is therefore normal for a person who feeds too little to have a low body temperature. In any case, if you have one or more of these signs, it is important to consult a doctor in order to learn how to eat a balanced diet and to understand the causes of your lack of appetite, or your deliberate deprivation of food…

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And you, do you know any signs that you are feeding too little?