healthy habits

How to enjoy the benefits of healthy habits

We can consider that a person has healthy habits when their daily practice is oriented to preserve their health and improve their well-being so that a lifestyle is created and maintained.

Healthy habits are part of a culture of care and that is why I take this opportunity to give you some recommendations on how to keep them for the daily benefit.

Here we write some benefits of healthy habits

They are constant

These habits are acquired and reinforced every day in the environments where daily activities take place. Even, because it is a behavior that is rooted in each one, you should not feel that having them involve effort or imposition, in this way they become part of the personal lifestyle forged over the years.

healthy habitsIn that sense, the habits are long-lasting and do not correspond with trends or fashions that appear from one moment to another, which are disseminated by mass media and reach the population.

The trends of healthy habits usually refer to diets that promise to lose weight in a short time, excluding certain food products or consuming artificial or dangerous products and recommending the almost excessive consumption of certain food groups. These sudden changes only bring health problems and it is better to stop considering that they work for everything equally to avoid diabetes.

Therefore, it is best to opt for healthy practices that accompany us throughout life to enjoy their gifts. Continue reading: How can recognize if you are suffering from diabetes?

It is a balance

Healthy habits serve to take care of health because they are part of a conscious, continuous, but reflective behavior. For that reason, to take them to extremes believing that their benefits are increased is a sign that something is not right with respect to that lifestyle that has been chosen.

Spending much of the day exercising, obsessing counting the calories consumed daily or not eating a cake occasionally, can account for an obsessive and unhealthy behavior physically, mentally or emotionally.

If in their daily practice, maintaining those habits generate anguish, dependence, difficulty in enjoying social life or conflict with family life, it implies that they have been transformed and already have a negative impact on their health.

At all times and places

The daily activities are carried out in different scenarios such as home, school, university, work environment and other places where we socialize; It is in those places where habits must be present. We can say that ingrained habits are part of the personal and reference mark before others.

healthy habitsTo a large extent, in order for a healthy lifestyle to work, it must accompany us in the different places where our personal history unfolds and not leave it as a matter for a few places, moments or times of the year.

They become a protective factor

That habits are part of daily life claims that you have an active role in health care and living in welfare. With a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity, stress management, non-tobacco consumption and moderate alcohol consumption – to mention the main ones – help to prevent the appearance of noncommunicable diseases, which are increasingly frequent in adults. young people, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer and Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases. Healthy habits as a protective factor are the “ace up your sleeve” that many sick people would have liked to have years before their diagnosis. Keep reading¬†

Recognize the power of example

Surely, many of the habits we have today we learned in the environments where we began to socialize, mainly in the family. To promote and form habits, the example is the main scenario and supports the motivation that is required for them to last over time. When we find references in the environment that have good practices, that allow them to live in well-being and enjoy good health, it is the best way to know that we are on the right track, changing for ourselves and collaborating with the support of those around us.

healthy habitsKeep in mind that the power of example is also as effective when promoting inappropriate behavior is treated. Therefore, if you are a father or mother, brother/sister, teacher, even doctor, our example will be fundamental for those around us to integrate healthy behaviors or contribute to maintaining them. The support of people in different environments (home, work, study, etc.), is key to achieving genuine and lasting change.

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