14 Different styles to decorate your baby’s room

baby's room

We present some easy and, no doubt, charming ideas for you to decorate your baby’s room. All can be easily adapted to your liking.

Of course, comfort and harmony must reign in your baby’s room. Which is why it is recommended to combine the colors and the different elements well. For this, you can form a first set: the crib, the rug, the wardrobe, and set the rest based on how you arrange these base elements.

Keep the theme and the color palette, and do not be afraid to include it in elements such as cushions, pillows, sheets, among others. This will give unity to the decoration.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you must create a safe space for the baby’s first years of growth. Decorate to your liking, but do not forget that security is also important.

Elements with different styles to decorate your baby’s room

1. Curtains

There are different designs of curtains. Everything will depend on the window of your baby’s room. But the important thing is that these curtains do not obscure the room too much during the day. On the other hand, remember to dust them off (preferably with a vacuum cleaner) to avoid allergies to your baby. Continue reading: Five colors are enough to decorate an entire house and … is it modern and comfortable?

2. Shelves

 baby's roomPlace some stuffed animals on circular, square or triangular shelves. Not only will you give a tender touch to your baby’s room, but you will have an original element on the wall that you can later re-decorate with other objects.

3. Tell your baby stories

With the help of a large armchair and a rocking chair creates a reading corner where you can tell beautiful stories.

4 stars

The stickers of stars that are recharged during the day with sunlight were a milestone in the decoration of children and youth of the 90s and that is still valid. You can add some to the ceiling of your baby’s bedroom to give it a dim and magical lighting.

5. Swing with stuffed animals

 baby's roomHang a swing on the wall and place a pair of stuffed animals, a small blanket and other elements that give the feeling of warmth, softness and give a much more welcoming, in general.

6. Name

You can create an accessory that has your baby’s name. This element may be merely decorative or may have some utility (like a coat rack, for example).

7. Decorate the wall

Take advantage of the walls of your baby’s room if you have a minimalist decoration or neutral tones. They will help you to achieve a much more tender and beautiful environment.

To do this, you can cut out some clouds in cardboard and paint them white or pale blue. Behind the larger cloud, you can put a dim light bulb.

8. Use different colors

 baby's roomGenerally, the colorful rooms generate a feeling of joy. Usually, two or three tones are chosen for the whole room. However, there are no rules here. The important thing is that you seek to harmonize the whole. Remember that while it must be a lively and playful space, you must also invite to rest.

9. Look for fun topics

When decorating your baby’s room you can also find a reason that suits your first years of life. You can choose different themes such as sports, superheroes, animated dolls, cars, animals, among others.

10. Combines wood and prints

 baby's roomThis is a very versatile and beautiful idea. Use some wooden furniture and wallpaper with designs. Use the floors with sheets of wood this greatly improves the result. This is a simple and perfect answer for when we do not know the sex of the baby or when it is almost there and we still do not know what to do with the decoration. Keep reading http://savourytraveller.com/20-things-to-do-before-christmas/

11. Look for personality

You can add some family photos to give an affectionate reception to your baby. We recommend that you do not put the typical picture frames. Be more creative and take advantage of the photos to make an original decoration.

12. Twins take advantage of 2 × 1

If you were blessed to bring twins or twins to the house, this design is special to you. The two cots separated by the central chest of drawers are very well with some good pictures chosen for the wall. You can use a soft wallpaper so it does not get too heavy with the pictures. Here also the initials of each baby were used to identify the cribs.

13. Lighting

 baby's roomLighting is an important element when properly decorating any space. Try to install lamps whose lights can be adjusted to make your baby’s room a cozy place.

14. A memory for a lifetime

Frame the silhouette of your hand or foot in a picture frame and hang it in your room, this will be a beautiful memory and will remain for a lifetime.

A baby is a blessing, therefore, the least you can do is spend a little of your time decorating your room. Keep in mind all the details so that you can receive the baby that comes on the way.

In the market, you can find modern, fun and very original designs, such as a car-bed, a princess room or a tree-house bedroom.

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