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thyroid problems

7 signs of your body that indicate thyroid problems

Although unnoticed, in the front of the neck we have a structure in the form of a butterfly called thyroid with extremely important functions: regulate the temperature, energy, and metabolism of the body. This gland is something like a conductor, controlling everything from menstrual cycles to moods.

Many people suffer from thyroid problems in this thermostat and do not know it, because their symptoms – like fatigue – are confusing and are usually associated with stress and other less severe disorders.

However, it is very important to identify early if something is not right since thyroidism can cause heart disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, sexual disorders and even infertility.

We invite you to know 7 signs of your body that indicate thyroid problems

1. Weight loss

 thyroid problemsIt is possible that you take time doing diets and exercises without getting results. Your weight still indicates very high values. This can be a sign that your thyroid is working below since you do not burn calories.

On the contrary, a considerable weight loss without apparent cause is an alarm signal that can indicate hyperthyroidism, that is, a superfunction of the said gland that produces metabolic alterations.

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2. Mood changes

Are you having many mood swings? A bad day has anyone, but if these disorders are very frequent, it is advisable to go to the doctor soon, because one of the signs of thyroid problems is precisely disorders in the state of mind.

When the thyroid works excessively, a large production of hormones occurs and body temperature is altered. No wonder you feel irritated or elated at many times of the day.

3. Sleeping disorders

As with any other symptom, occasionally losing your sleep may be due to some stress of the day, perhaps you are waiting for a story or have recently experienced an unforeseen event.

But if you start having sleeping disorders you are probably showing problems with the thyroid. Its malfunction affects sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or disturbances in rest schedules.

4. Pain in the joints

 thyroid problemsJoint pain is so common in our lives – whether it’s colds, exercise or an unexpected gesture – that no one notices this symptom when it starts to become frequent.

Hypothyroidism (the low functioning of the thyroid) can produce discomfort in the muscles and joints, especially in the arms and legs, as well as fibromyalgia, since the energy and metabolism of the body begin to decrease.

So if you are noticing pain and deficiencies in your muscular system, do not delay in finding medical help.

5. High cholesterol

Very often people who have an inadequate diet have high cholesterol. However, if you have a healthy diet daily and your values are above the norm, it is best to seek medical advice, you can have thyroid problems.

When there is hypothyroidism, the metabolism of the body is very slow, therefore, fats are not burned and the level of cholesterol increases considerably.

6. Malaise in the neck or hoarseness

 thyroid problemsIf you have sustained swelling in the throat, discomfort in the neck or hoarseness, you can have disorders of the thyroid. Both in hyperthyroidism, as in hypothyroidism, this organ increases in size, which is known as goiter.

7. Hair loss

There are many reasons why hair loss occurs. In fact, this is one of the most common symptoms of many diseases. Now, hair and skin are particularly sensitive to disorders of the thyroid. And hair loss is associated with metabolic problems.

Hyperthyroidism can cause severe hair loss, not only of the head, but also the eyebrows and other areas of the body can be compromised, because the hairs become thin and fragile, and the pores are easily irritated.

Of course, if these events happen to you in isolation there is no reason to worry, but if you see that you often have some of these symptoms, do not hesitate to see your doctor. The good news: thyroid problems are solvable.

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