Squid in American Sauce

Recipe squid in American sauce

Since we were left squid when we cut the rings to prepare the traditional recipe of squid in ink as it had bought two large squid, it occurred to me to prepare this recipe squid in American sauce that had been here, and now I question what these two recipes I like.

Squid in American Sauce
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Squids in American sauce with delicious spicy salsa are an excellent option for otherwise with this ingredient are now at a very good price in the market. Moreover, as it is a recipe that is prepared very easily and like all stews is ideal for eating Tupper in the office or college , it is very convenient because you can let made ​​to heat when you go to eat.

Serves 4

  • 600 g of squid rings, 1 large onion, 4 tablespoons of homemade tomato sauce, a dash of brandy or bourbon, chili powder, Tabasco, black pepper, a pinch of squid ink and white rice for garnish

How do squid in American sauce

Squid cleaned and cut into rings or bought at the fish. Chop the onion into fine brunoise and sauté over low heat until soft. Add the fried tomato sauce and mix letting the whole cook for ten minutes.

Add the bourbon and flambé. We incorporate pepper, chili one dab of Tabasco and tried the hot point of the sauce. We add the squid and let cook for 30 minutes with lid and 20 uncovered.

To give color to the sauce, we add a tip squid ink and let the whole cook for a few minutes until the sauce has the thick point that we like, slightly thick but not overdo it.

We serve the squid in American sauce in earthenware and prepared a garnish of cooked white rice we serve each diner aside to make the mixture into the dish. Prepare the sauce hearty bread is really delicious.

Preparation time | An hour
Difficulty | Easy


The recipe for squid in American sauce is ideal for sharing as a starter or an aperitif but can also be a main course. Much improved if cooked Eve and the flavors settle and become more intense.