Strategies to increase your web traffic

increase your web traffic

When we published an electronic store the first goal is to get visitors, i.e. generate traffic that can later turn into potential customers.

To carry it out, it is appropriate, implement a positioning strategy that suits our interests…

Actions to increase Web traffic

1) Improve SEO

If most of your traffic comes from organic search, the new Google search algorithm can be penalizing your site for committing one or more of these SEO mistakes. To resolve must submit a request for reconsideration. Should also submit your updated information to be indexed by search engines like Bing and Dmoz and increase traffic URL. Google ready to re-index your site updated meta descriptions, they should not only describe your online store but should also be sufficiently persuasive to attract customers.

 increase your web traffic
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2) Attract traffic from social networks

Your online store should have at least one account in social networks, preferably that social network where your target customer’s sole participate. Are you not sure which is the best? See demographics about users of social networks organized by PewResearch. Your presence should consist social networks to share quality and relevant information regularly and, only occasionally, promote products.

3) Communicate with your customers

Send an email to your customers to get their opinion about your site and suggestions for improvement. Try questions like the following: “What was your first impression of our?” “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your shopping experience” “How can we improve our online” can view more examples in Customer Satisfaction Surveys SurveyMonkey. Should consider an incentive for providing feedback offering a gift voucher online. Therefore, you can attract more traffic to your online store.

5) Share your knowledge

What do you consider yourself an expert? What need covers your online store? Think about the questions that any potential customer can ask. Then look for those customers in forums, answer your questions and suggest the right product.

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6) Program an advertising campaign PPC (Pay Per Click)

Carried out an advertising campaign in search networks such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Bing Ads. Both platforms offer similar functionality maximum daily budget, geolocation and analytical limitation campaign. Remember that there are two factors that can increase the cost of your ads:

  1. Not relevant search terms
  2. The popularity of the search term

The holiday season is an excellent time to increase traffic and conversion rates of our so should seize the opportunity.