The brightness in a beautiful summer makeup collection signed by Chanel

Beautiful Makeup

Seeing the visual of the new makeup collection Chanel I could not prevent me come to mind photos from the family album in summer. Perhaps it is due to light and that beautiful contrast between light and shadow. The truth is that the first visual is quite an invitation to the dolce far niente the Italians say. I love that degraded by ocher and brown tones as they seem to me to make a lovely contrast when you makeup lips in orange or coral shades.

Effect good face

If we talk about good face immediately, we think of vacation, in summer. A season in which evasion and leave the daily routine provides us with that associated with a feeling of well – being, to let go and live life leisurely enjoying real luxury which is the time to enjoy things happiness good life as the sea breeze and the sunlight on the face.

Beautiful Makeup
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Until then and so we can boast a good face, Chanel has created two new duets powder that has been called “Harmonie Poudre Belle Mine, Les Beiges”:

  • Duo No 1 consists of a brown terracotta to redefine the contours of the face and golden sand to shed light on the cheeks and temples.
  • Duo No. 2 contains an intense to be applied on the cheekbones and a light beige to light pink complexion.

Radiant look

You also do not know if you noticed in the wonderful brightness of the sinuous undulations of the sand dunes of the beach. To me it is something that not only fascinates me but can also reach almost to hypnotize. The study creating makeup Chanel has created a limited edition consists of four eye shadows soft and silky texture to which he has called “Empreinte du Désert”, and that the warm tones of copper and gold beige recall the reflections the sun creates in the sand at sunset while brown and khaki green evoke the nearby pine forest behind us. This harmony of colors can play with these bright colors, use alone or in combination to create a whole summer melting.

The eyeliners Stylo Yeux Waterproof can be used as both an eyeliner and applying them as a shadow on the eyelid. This time come in two colors:

  • Oasis is an emerald green that evokes the freshness.
  • Sable, a bright pink coral, sublime.

The Mask “Le Volume of Chanel Waterproof” covers the lashes with a wax for impeccable fixing. “Mirage” is a top coat of coppery hues that can be applied to a classic mask to provide a metallic touch to the eyelashes.

Bitten lips effect

These gloss to those who have called “Lèvres Scintillantes” enhance tanning with a more moisturizing, pleasant and with a new applicator smoother texture. Six new tones reminiscent sunset with bright pink colors, garnets, corals and red. Tanami Desert Rouge Adenium and provide a glossy finish while Sirocco, Sahara and Dzhari that provide a perfect pearly effect for any occasion.

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Nail infarction

The “Vernis Culte” comes in five new colors, a beautiful harmony of tones full of light that enhance tanning hands. Thanks to its new formula based bioceramics that provide calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium this nail lacquer takes care of reinforcing them.

It is best to finish the manicure applying the “Le Gel Top Coat,” a top coat containing an oligomer, which is activated when it receives natural light providing a bright glossy lacquered with an effect that lasts up to 6 days. You can choose from the following colors:

  • Turban, sweet and romantic pink peach.
  • Cavaliere, a warm chocolate.
  • Boater, an original beige.
  • Espadrilles, a lively and chic orange.
  • Émeraude, dazzling fresh green.

I do not know about you, but I already have a mad desire to summer, until then we can go brag good-looking with this wonderful collection of makeup.