Beware of complaints of workers in Internet

Social networks not load the devil, we are responsible for our actions. In Linkedin, one of the most recognized professional networks, do not fit certain comments that can harm both the personal prestige, such as the company that owned the employee.

Few days, a charge of Human Resources, poured ago a complaint about those unemployed who attend an interview prematurely. Not later, not earlier. The result? A thousand comments against his thinking aloud.

beware-of-complaints-of-workers-in-internetWhen I read the comment that suffered worker who had to attend an interview an hour before and narrating the problems had assumed for all staff that gentleman come soon, not give credit.

But I was not the only one who thought this could not be true. An employee whose function is to interview potential candidates, he complained of excessive punctuality and lack of respect for workers of his company by that person.

When the plan failed communication in that organization? How much damage can afford to do a renowned company, allowing “lamentations” of this caliber?

It’s been a few days and I have not read apology by the aforementioned recruiter or by the company to which it belongs. And day by day, are those who think that such behavior is not correct, neither human nor sensitive to those who have decided to go to that interview.

The lessons and criticisms that are receiving increasing. Both the content of the message as the tone. It almost seems a nuisance having to carry out their work. Leaving badly on the company and this person.

Before writing something on a social network, especially in a Linkedin profile, count to ten. And if we have missed at least offer an apology if so many people have given the hint and show their indignation. Miss the days or weeks will only increase the negative comments and strengthen a bad image of the company.