Do you want to lead a more sustainable life? Starts with garden or terrace

garden or terrace

Every time we are more those who prefer to keep a more sustainable way of life, relaxed and also respects the environment. A way of life that requires creativity and makes things a little different, so find many followers lovers decoration and trends. If you are considering sustainable deco sign, a good place to start implementing it in the garden or terrace. We bring you some ideas that you can implement easily into your home.

Outdoor natural materials

Saving energy is a good starting point to lead a more sustainable life, but also can also focus our efforts on other aspects such as the materials we use abroad.

A sustainable decoration use natural materials, which have not caused damage to the environment for manufacturing. Thus, they are welcome woods for outdoor flooring, which have international certifications (FSC or PEFC), which guarantee their origin in responsibly managed and sustainable forests.

garden or terrace
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Although more delicate than synthetic soils, with proper maintenance, we have a natural, ecological and sustainable soil in perfect condition throughout the year.

Natural materials can also be extended to furniture. It is true that many people opt for tables and chairs aluminum, but there are alternatives. The outdoor wood furniture is one of them, but also work well the furniture made from natural fibers such as rattan. Also, the textile can be of fabrics such as linen or cotton 100%.

Solar lighting

The renewable energies are the most recommended when carrying a sustainable lifestyle. The solar lighting is an excellent example and is really well outdoors. These lamps operate on solar energy converts sunlight into electricity. No need any installation, as well as significantly reduce the electricity bill.

The lamps sunlight, in all its variants, are great for marking paths or bring intensity to certain corners of the garden. However, there are larger models that can illuminate smoothly a wider area. They are recharged during the day and light alone at night, and can thus light up to 8 hours after sunset.

Plants as large essential

If there is something that cannot be without a terrace or garden it is the plants. The relaxed, plants clean the environment and also provide a perfect natural materials used in the exterior and wood contrast.

Study your space, orientation and climate of the area where you live to choose options that allow you to have one as possible wild garden. Also, if you want to simplify your tasks and stop worrying over issues such as watering your plants, commitment systems drip irrigation. Comfortable, easy to install and much easier to use.

Artificial grass

Although much of the concept of natural materials that we want to pass away. Keep in mind that the natural grass is one of the more water plants need to grow. If we are aware with a sustainable environment and energy saving, save water should be within our priorities. So, not a bad idea without extensive lawns, combined with wooden floor or spreading layers of artificial turf, which will make us save water, but also maintenance time.

Less energy expenditure, greater sustainability

It is evident that solar energy is cleaner than electricity, but this does not mean we cannot save energy consumption bulbs. However, in this case, it is better to bet on LED technology; and lamps that use this technology to begin with, have no mercury and mercury vapor. In addition, its use reduces from 30 to 80% of our electricity bill, which makes it more than obvious energy savings at home.

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Take advantage of your garden or terrace to place a garden

The urban gardens are very fashionable; It is that many people begin to enter the world of self – cultivation to manage your kitchen ingredients. Although it may seem complex, in fact it is not. Everything happens for time and obviously has the necessary tools. So you can bet on small tables growing for smaller terraces or outdoor, or decant by larger, able to cover a large area giving the possibility of having more crops.

Organic fertilizers for sustainable farming

You’ve decided to have a garden at home. Now it’s a matter of caring. To do this, although there are a variety of fertilizers and manures undoubtedly the organic fertilizers fit more with this lifestyle you speak.

The organic fertilizers have no chemicals, no herbicides or pesticides. Furthermore, this organic matter creates an environment that facilitates the growth of plants healthily, improving soil structure and helping to retain nutrients thereof.

Translates the sustainable decoration inside your home

Is it possible to move the sustainable lifestyle into my home? Yes, definitely yes. For those who not only stay on the outside, all these ideas mentioned can be applied inside the house, from certain points with sunlight, the use of LED technology or the preference of natural materials for furniture such as lamps rattan or wicker. But also, you can also recycle.

For example, you can take your old furniture and apply a coat of paint to modernize. Make sure you have the necessary materials, as a good sanding wood to remove the old paint. Also, you can look at the seasonal colors to apply in these parts, which will become the most personal part of your interior decoration. For more Visit