Three Ways to Get More Space and a Bigger Home Without Moving

Moving house is a hugely stressful event, but sometimes, we just need more space in our home. Whether we need the room for projects or work, or to accommodate a larger family, having the space for everyone to live comfortably is a big reason for why people might look to move house.

However, if you are happy in your home and it is just a matter of gaining extra space, you can save yourself the headache of moving house, and instead explore the ways that you can make that extra space in your current home.

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The obvious solution is to add an extension, and if you have the budget and the space to do this it is a great option. There are many ways that you can extend and many different looks and materials – for example, for a more environmentally friendly material look into companies like Timberpride oak roof trusses, who can build a natural wood extension.

If an extension is not an option for you, another great idea is to build and utilise within the house you have – for example a loft conversion or a garage conversion can make a huge difference to the space available inside your home and is a great way to make the most of the space you have available.

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A garden room is another good way to gain some extra space – whether you want to create a space to chill and relax, or a home office there are many uses for a garden room, and it is a good space that is separate from the house so particularly useful if you are looking for a work area or a relaxing space.