Some Benefits of Microneedling Skin Care

Many life experiences can cause changes to your skin, and not all of them are for the better. If you have given birth or lost weight, you might have noticed the formation of stretch marks, for instance. Additionally, the impression that facial pores have enlarged can come from over-exposure to the sun or excess skin oils that overfill pores. Furthermore, accident victims might have scars on their skin, or anyone can develop fine lines on the skin over time. Microneedling offers one popular solution that can help treat all of these skin issues.

What is Microneedling?

A dermatologist performs this type of surgery. It relies on tiny needles for therapy, while radiofrequency microneedling utilizes radiofrequency, or RF, along with small needles to treat affected skin areas. The procedure causes an initial but controlled injury to the underlayer of treated skin. However, the process ultimately benefits the epidermis because it encourages the skin to grow new skin cells, replacing the damaged ones in the process. In addition, patients typically recover very quickly from microneedling compared to other skin treatments, usually within one to three days.

Benefits of Microneedling?

To remedy scar or acne spots, dermatologists provide rf microneedling packages that work underneath the top layer of skin so that the new skin begins to grow from under the affected areas, eventually reaching the top layer and reducing unsightly marks. Sun-damaged skin benefits from microneedling because the radiofrequency increases the skin’s collagen production. Collagen makes the skin not only more hydrated but more supple. Collagen production also aids in reducing how enlarged pores look, another added benefit of the procedure.

Although you can find microneedling kits that you can use at home, most people choose to rely on a professional to treat their sensitive skin. Dermatologists can offer you the best choices that can effectively and safely renew your skin’s appearance.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman