How to start banner marketing

Do you think it is time to start creating banner ads but don’t know where to start? This quick guide gives you the lowdown on what banner ads are, their benefits, and how to make the most of this medium.

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What are banner ads?

Banner ads are the ads you see that sit like a banner across the top of a website. They typically occupy a horizontal rectangle at the top of a webpage, but they can also occupy half a page or even the side of a page as a vertical rectangle. Today’s highest quality HTML banner ads are built using HTML5, which can support animations, audio and multimedia; what’s more, the click-through links are seamless.

Why choose banner advertising?

This kind of digital advertising offers a huge range of advantages over other types. It is cheaper than video advertising and it is more effective than email marketing, which largely ends up unread or as spam.

Banner ads allow for a huge degree of creativity, as they can be static or animated. They can even contain videos and sound. The best thing about HTML banner ads, however, is that they can be embedded with links, so users can click anywhere on the ad and find themselves on your website.

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How to make the most of banner advertising

This is a great tool in online marketing, but it is important to get it right. Make sure you stick with only the highest quality images and ensure the colours you choose match your branding. It is also best to keep the message simple.

Banner marketing involves grabbing the web user’s attention by occupying the most visible space on a website. It offers huge advantages and when done well, it can be the most effective tool in your campaign.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown