Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom, a great tribute to the fans of the series

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom

Usually the games Omega Force, the vast majority belong to the ‘Dynasty Warriors’ series, are often accused that are often too similar to each other. It is partly true, because without the characters or the story of the title itself, the musou are thus no longer a machacabotones.

But that does not happen with every game that has developed and a good example is that we bring you today: ‘Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom’, the video game based on the anime and manga series that has been created by Japanese author Hajime Isayama.

In recent months, we have had the opportunity to see numerous videos and pictures of this title that some were looking forward and others were not convinced about what to do. So let’s not mess and let’s move on to see more detail if it’s worth the game.

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom
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A true story

For those who have never heard of ‘Attack on Titan’ two details must be considered before anything. The first is that you are already taking time to see it and the second is that you should do as terminate to read the analysis. That said, we have a game whose story is identical to that of anime and manga.

Humanity has reached a point where it has been forced to raise some walls of a gigantic size in order to protect themselves from the terrible threat of the Titans. These large beings aim to devour humans and their origin and the reason that leads them to kill every living person in their path is unknown.

Civilization is surrounded by three walls in a circle: the wall Maria, Rose and Sina. It seemed that with this measure the Titans would have no way to access the interior of the city, until a more powerful and great Titan normal, called Titan Colossal, manages to cause a breach in the wall Maria, allowing access to the Titans to the area where humans believed to be living safe.

Naturally, the slaughter occurs within hours and our protagonist, Eren Jaeger, powerless to witness such a massacre and not do anything to avoid it, he decides to join the ranks of the military group in charge of hunting down the Titans. Thus, after five years of training, he and the rest of his friends manage to join the Troop Recruits Nº104.

From that moment, anyone who has seen the anime series that have been issued on television will bring great memories everything that happens in the game, because it does not change at all. Omega Force has fully respected the original series, not only with the same situations and with adventures that live in it, but also with the same characters and phrases they say.

It is appreciated the truth that have made this decision because the game gains many integers thanks to the immense like that keep both products in this regard. In addition, the main campaign not only runs the first season along numerous missions that will keep you entertained for hours, but also has additional chapters that so far only been seen in the manga, pending the first showing of the second season.

Mere humans able to stand up to the titans

Personally, when I first heard he was going to develop a video game ‘Attack on Titan’, one of the first questions that came to mind was, how can they represent the fighting? Because if you look at the ‘Dynasty Warriors’ always see your character fighting against hundreds of enemies at once, but at the end of the day are of the same size.

Obviously, this could not be so in ‘Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom’, because it would be too unreal that a mere human could kill hundreds of titans in one fell swoop. Luckily, the similarities with the series again present in this aspect also to be applied in the game the same mechanics and combat system.

This implies that to stop these beasts have to make a slit in the neck. Human, aware of this only possible solution to end them, designed the so-called team dimensional maneuvers, which allows them to move through the air quickly using ropes to it and equipped with a set of blades sharp enough to crack the hard Titans skin.

So that does not seem overly complicated, but the truth is that it will take time to reach out to catch the trick to the game mechanics. Especially because it is not easy to damage enemies and not always able to attack them in the neck. Sometimes you have to cut off their arms or legs to shoot them down so that it easier to attack them from behind, although depending on the type of titan few endure more blows than others.

I must say that the variety of designs between different Titans is large enough to realize if there are two equal or not. In addition, too many do not appear on screen at the same time and that will allow us to finish them without others bother us, though this is not always the case. Sometimes we will join a very annoying group of four, five or more and at that time will be tremendously difficult to hit someone or even out alive.

Anyway these situations will not be very frequent and the way things are, the game is not particularly difficult (at least in the medium difficulty) and as you learn to handle yourself well through the air gets eaten bread annihilate the Titans. However, most of the adventure we spend doing that over and over again, because the missions will not vary too much from one another and have the feeling of playing them constantly. Especially since many pass on the same stage.

It does not help that the secondary missions that we provide on each screen do not add anything special, just the fact that a person would you ask for help and if you saved will accompany you during the mission. The good in that sense it will never be alone and always have at our side a maximum of four allies that can be exchanged in the middle of the screen to assist us in combat.

We also find levels that do not have to use only our characters with the team maneuvers, but that would be going into too much spoilers and it is better that you discover yourself.

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The depth of the game falls a bit short

One detail that characterizes the ‘Dynasty Warriors’ or other similar games is the amount of weapons or customization options you have for your character, but here are conspicuous by their absence. From the beginning and we warn that we can get better air tubes dimensional team maneuvers, the speed at which it moves or the number of swords may contain.

The amount of different pieces of equipment that there are not many at all and most of the time will pass us improving objects one that we have already equipped. In any case, it not ends up being really necessary, since each level there will be characters who will give us objects to change the air tubes or swords, as will wear both combat and will be almost impossible to run out of material to survive.

On the other hand, the characters will gain experience as well we played each screen. These points will help them gain new skills and to get materials for the manufacture of objects or equipment upgrades, but back to the same. Having so few pieces to choose we will accumulate dozens of objects that eventually become not very useful.

Anyway, the levels offer replay ability for the thing to get to get the highest possible score on each screen, for those who want to achieve an “S” in every possible way .But beyond the campaign the game is a little short, because in addition to the gameplay includes an online multiplayer mode for replaying variants of the main missions.

We assume that it has been the thing that the game has not gone on sale, but the truth is that at all times we found it difficult to get to find someone to go hunting, as much to one person per game when the maximum is four. And removing the online mode, all you can do also is to consult a gallery of images or information of the characters, enemies and other details of the story and the game.

Recommended only for fans

We must be fair to all that is written and we must recognize that ‘Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom’ is a good game, fun, exciting and very entertaining. Graphically it looks good and, as we mentioned previously, it is a great tribute to the fans of the series for its plot, characters and scenarios, because everything is exactly the same.

Furthermore, with regard to technical aspects, the game is very fluid at all times despite being so open and maps have so much destruction involved. But perhaps the negative points that have been put off having more than one at a time to buy the title, especially if they have never seen the show or read the manga, because it will not impact them as much as the rest.

The music meanwhile is very well run with some issues (no songs) originals. Instead, the subtitles are in English and at least during the cinematics you can read all quietly, but in battle the characters also hold talks and if someone does not understand what they say many details are lost. At least the voices feature the original Japanese dub, but would have been nice who would use the series that is brilliant.

That said, ‘Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom’ can be worthwhile if you like the work of Hajime Isayama. If it is not you will meet with a title that perfectly on a weekend you will be able to complete and that ultimately will not bring much. We insist that it is a good game, but falls short in terms of what it offers globally. At least it’s something different than what we are accustomed Omega Force.

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