Do you have something to tell the world?


Do it with style with this vintage machine with USB

Writing has always been a point of romance. Something that seems we lost with the latest technologies. Fortunately the brand has designed Qwerkytoys typewriter Qwerkywriter. To make you feel like a writer without giving the usual all the advantages of the modern world.

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So … you want to write your own story? Whether you’re watching sitting on a romantic cafe, watching the rain through the window, sipping a steaming cup and sorting out your ideas, feeling born the characters in your mind … But, alas, with open laptop, this so nostalgic and full of romance image loses some of its strength, right?

Thanks to the Qwerkytoys brand you can write that story so much asks for your body and feel like one of those writers who both admire. A beautiful typewriter vintage style, so you feel the keys dance in your fingers to the beat of your words. But without giving up the advantages of the latest technology. Qwerkywriter, so called because this marvel connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbboks, tablets with Android or Windows system, and more. So it will not miss any of the master phrases you can think of or can delete the text that is not up to your high expectations.

You can line down manually or automatically, but will never have to change the reel. Ugh, ugh, thank goodness.

Its design, full of nostalgia and vintage air, will captivate you with its silver metallic finish and retro design of its keys. The perfect fusion between past and future. Let the machine you’ve always wanted to have if you are a vocational and without any of the disadvantages of typing. No change or tippex reels with which to get rid of what you no good.

Take the Qwerkywriter your favorite place world, sighs and begins to write the great work of your life. Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters prepare.