When the film becomes a car commercial, 9 auto product placement brazen film

Cars on Film

On television usual you cut a series or a movie a few times to talk to the new vacuum cleaner X, ask what clouds smell or tell you that your life is incomplete if you have not experienced the new model driving Y.

In the film, advertisers can not interrupt the movie to sell you a new car. Your ads are broadcast before the film starts, as part of the public keeps coming. How to solve it? Putting one of their cars in the film. What it is known in the industry as “product placement” advertising site or in Castilian. Sometimes it is subtle and some not so. Here are the “product placement” more brazen cars to remember.

Cars on Film
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Lykan Hypersport in Fast7

In the last installment of the series Fast & Furious, seeing the Lykan Hypersport, the character of Brian O’Connor will not think of anything to recite sheet and the price of the model in question, to the point of breathlessness. All very natural … he lacked only say, “for more information visit lykan.com”.

General Motors and Transformers

Placement of General Motors cars in the saga of the Transformers, reached new levels. A priori, the original character of Bumblebee, a Volkswagen Beetle, was not changed in a Chevrolet Camaro at the request of GM but because Michael Bay will Herbie remembered too. It is so blatant that if you look, all the Autobots are GM models or supercars such as Ferrari. The most blatant comes when in Transformers 2, the Corvette Stingray Concept bisects the Audi R8 with a “Damn, I’m good!”

BMW and James Bond (Pierce Brosnan era)

If 007 leads in movies usually an Aston Martin and a Bentley and not novels is because either Bentley or Jaguar car left them in the first movie. David Brown agreed to let a couple of DB5 and was the biggest publicity coup for the brand.

With Pierce Brosnan playing the 007, BMW saw an opportunity to slip and become a supplier of the most famous secret agent film. So, along deliveries we saw aBMW Z3 a BMW 7 Series and BMW Z8.

Audi and Iron Man

Perhaps scalded by the play of “Transformers”, Audi made ​​available to the producer of Marvel films an Audi R8 that would associate the character of Iron Man. Throughout the film, you’ll see the original R8, the convertible version and even one of the first versions of the R8 e-Tron.

Aston Martin and James Bond (Daniel Craig era)

Aston Martin took advantage of, again, the series of 007 to place their models in the film at the right time. Most critics and fans agree that Daniel Craig is the best 007 since Sean Connery. And the box office proves them right. So in “Casino Royale” could see the Aston Martin DBS before launch and “Spectre”, prefiguring the DB10 DB11 we see in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

Ford and James Bond (Daniel Craig era)

The General Motors Transformers is nothing compared to what Ford and “Casino Royale”. The Ford Mondeo IV (2006-2014) was presented to the public and the press for the first time in the film “Casino Royale”. The driving scene when it comes to hotel is so blatantly an advertisement that was never used as such in television and film. Later, Ford would repeat the move with the new Ford Ka.

Then in the hotel, it’s like being in a parallel universe where everyone drives a Ford car or the now defunct Premier Automotive Group: Land and Range Rover, Volvo, Jaguar and Lincoln.

Jaguar and James Bond (Daniel Craig era)

With the launch of the Jaguar F-Type, the agency brand communication realized in Hollywood, it is almost always a British subject who plays the bad guy. And they had the idea to associate the F-Type the slogan “It’s good to be bad”. But it did not stop there. In “Spectre” they were made available to the bad a fleet of Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Sport and, of course, a CX-75. It also made available a Jaguar XJ M, either to conceal or for reasons of realism (the typical car of high office in the UK).

Acura and Iron Man in The Avengers

Tony Starck, who always drives an Audi R8 in “Iron Man”, carries only an Acura when he teams up with Captain America or Thor in “The Avengers”. In fact, all agents of SHIELD Acura models used in movies.

MINI in Pixels

In Pixels, Adam Sandler and his friends must save the Earth from an alien attack. Specifically, they should prevent a giant Pac-Man ingurgitate the planet. The enemies of Pac-Man were four ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde. Thus, the heroes of the film attack Pac-Man with four MINIs painted the same color as the ghosts of the game and tuition game.

Bonus Track: Star Wars and FCA

How do you manage to harness the pull of the biggest opening in movie history when it is impossible for a car to appear in the film? You invest the papers, you do product placement in the film in your ads. To take advantage of the release of Star Wars in America, FCA issued a series of ads the most curious and soon became viral. Here you have the two best they produced.

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