The final version of Metal Gear Online officially comes to PC

Metal Gear Online

Following the recent brief period in beta phase ‘Metal Gear Online’ , with someunexpected drop , PC users finally ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ can download the final version of multiplayer Konami title.

Metal Gear Online
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The announcement was offered directly from Steam, where the community manager Robert Peeler Company promises updates and new content for desktop players.

The Beta is officially over and ‘MGO’ is now available for download. We collect a lot of feedback and made some key adjustments. After some initial setbacks we arm ourselves for battle. However that does not mean that we have completed development, quite the contrary. Like the console versions of ‘MGO’, we will be integrating new game updates to enhance the experience and add contents.

In addition, and as an incentive for PC users, players who complete at least one multiplayer match by next Tuesday, January 26 3000 Gear receive Points to begin ‘Metal Gear Online’ through the front door.

With a difference of four and a half months compared to the console version, he looks to players of all platforms can resolve their differences in Snake’s last adventure directed by Hideo Kojima.