Lucid Air is the luxury electric car that wants to beat Tesla with 1,000 hp and 640 kilometers of autonomy

Lucid Air

644 kilometers with a load, that is the main virtue of this electric luxury vehicle to hit the market in 2018, to become one of the major hassles of Tesla Motors. Will you get it? At least we see that it has a pretty face, and by specifications is a real mobile wonder.

Once shown to the general public we can say that the final design is much more attractive than we could intuit with the camouflaged and rolling prototypes. This sedan stands out for its futuristic but possible lines, and have a large glass surface.

Lucid Motors ensures that there is no shortage of a necessary element to mount a self-contained level 5 car: radar, lidar, cameras.

The electric propulsion system distributes power in two engines, one for each train, and is able to develop a power of 1000CV.

Imagine the benefits that can be achieved, similar to the Model S fattest, the P100D. For now the 0 to 100 swallows it in 2.5 seconds.

Possibly the most important in these projects are not pure and hard benefits, but autonomy. There will be two battery configurations – 100 and 130 kWh – both arrivals factories Samsung.

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We speak of two maximum endurance depending on configuration: 483 and 644 kilometers. In the second case we are facing a battery 30% higher than what Tesla offers in its Model S fatter, but to be fair with the comparison will have to see what the car of Elon Musk in 2018.

What you can see with the pictures, there is a special inner created to offer maximum comfort, with separate spaces and all kinds of luxuries. There will also be a more conventional one for the rear seats, retaining the futuristic design, offering greater habitability. One detail, the speaker system will consist of 29 units.

Lucid Air
Image Source: Google Image

At a luxury price, Tesla price

The factory is still in the process of being set up, but will be located in Arizona: the Made in USA sure encourages sales

Also will be priced according to their intentions, it reports on a starting price of $100000, which quickly grow about $ 60,000 more to choose larger batteries or new equipment.

Be that as it may, Lucid Motors needs a deposit of $ 25,000 for the launch model, which will come with extras – 255 units – and then start asking for $ 2,500 for the next units to book. We remind you that Tesla ordered a higher amount for Model S and X Signature, about $ 40,000.