Visits and volunteering in Cancun to protect sea turtles


Cancun, that vast conglomerate of hotels, shops and resorts on the beach, is much more than clubs, shopping and gin and tonics in the sand.

In the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula we are also archaeological sites, natural beauty on the surface and under the sea… cenotes, islands, sports and activities of all kinds. Including eco-tourism initiatives and Voluntourism that could well incorporate into your schedule when traveling to Cancun.

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Tortugranja, Isla Mujeres

On the west coast of the island Mujeras, three species of sea turtles return annually to lay eggs on the beach. A local fisherman began work on protection in the 80s and managed to establish a private reserve.

The Isla Mujeres Turtle Farm is located just 5 kilometers from the city. In this small and austere installation, its employees working to protect the breeding of turtles and eggs, putting cages on them to let them mature in peace away from predators (including tourists).

You can visit and collaborate on a volunteer program to help in the task. It is a short, simple visit, which will delight children.


A mere 3 kilometers of attraction known as Xel-Ha found another place to see turtles noted. In this case the natural environment is the nesting beach of Quintana Roo bigger: Xcacel-Xcaleito.

There are volunteer programs for work on turtle conservation, and those interested can find information on this site and others in the tourism area open to volunteer.

Akumal Ecological Center

Akumal is famous for its beach, ideal for swimming lagoon and being elsewhere turtle nesting. In fact, Akumal means “place of turtles”.

The presence of thousands of tourists who come each year to it’s nearly 5 kilometers of beach and the activities thereof, exert great pressure on the population of marine turtles.

The diving in the nearby coral reef parallel to the coast is a huge attraction for thousands of tourists. The coexistence of divers, tourists and turtles is a hot spot here.

The Akumal Ecological Center to gain insight into the reef ecosystem and turtles for a healthy relationship. It also offers volunteer programs for over 21 years spent there several weeks working to protect both the reefs and their more illustrious neighbors.

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