7 ideas for a highly glamorous wedding

glamorous wedding

If you want to organize a glamorous wedding, you will have to make sure that every detail is in perfect harmony with your wedding theme! But what is a glamorous wedding? Which wedding decoration to choose to define an atmosphere as glam as refined? How to organize an original wedding without spoiling the chic spirit of your day D worthy of the big stars?

We have selected 7 great ideas to put together a glamorous wedding from the beginning to the end.

1. A dominant color: gold or copperglamorous wedding

You have not been able to miss one of the hottest 2018 trends in wedding room decor: copper accessories. Without a doubt, copper is the perfect color if you want to achieve a glamorous reception and ceremony, bright and luxurious!

Another must-have and timeless color: gold. Dedicated to glamorous weddings, this sensational shade will immediately give a sophisticated look to your reception venue. In small touches, combine various gilded accessories with romantic wedding arrangements, white, red or pink.

More discreet, the neutral and pale colors will marry very well with the gilding appearing in the strategic places of your decoration.

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2. A stylish and bright reception place!

What are the best places for a very glamorous wedding reception? Turn without hesitation to a castle, a period villa or a reception room located in a place full of history and romance.

From a decorative point of view, it will be essential to provide many dim lights for an atmosphere both royal and intimate. Bet on different types of lights: majestic chandeliers, large candelabras, and small candles … it’s all you need to create a perfectly chic atmosphere!

Play on lights and transparencies prefer tablecloths sand or other light shade! The table accessories will also have to breathe the softness and refinement that will make your banquet memorable and admired by everyone.

3. Get inspired by the 20’s!glamorous wedding

One way to ensure a glamorous wedding from A to Z is to choose a retro theme that captures the most glamorous ideas of history. The Charleston-style of the Roaring Twenties is of course highly recommended for the aesthetics of your D-Day. After you have been inspired by this time for your decoration, if there is a current to be followed in matters of bridal fashion, it is the vintage wedding dresses. Sexy, elegant, classics, many are undeniably glamorous models that will capsize the heart of your beloved!

The mermaid wedding dresses inspired by the 20s, plunging neckline, adorned with fringes and rhinestones will guarantee the success of your look! Try on many lace- patterned wedding dresses because simplicity is out of place for your glamorous and vintage look. And to magnify your Gatsby outfit, choose either pointy or round pumps.

Regarding glamorous cult jewelry, know that pearls are the symbol of elegance par excellence, especially in the early 20s. For a set that shines in all its brilliance, choose bracelets-rings and necklaces with multiple ranks, composed essentially pearly pearls. Bet on wedding accessories for glittering and massive hair and dangling earrings encrusted with rhinestones. Do not be afraid to do too much!

In terms of wedding hairstyle and makeup, you will have to make wise choices. Hair short, plated, gently wavy, buns, cut to the boy, you’re spoiled for choice. Last detail: do not forget to insist on the wedding makeup and conclude your beauty session by applying a beautiful red lipstick! Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

4. Flowers, a lot of flowers!

Since you are organizing a glamorous wedding, you can not forget an important element of your decoration: flowers in abundance. To avoid mistakes of taste, all floral decorations must naturally be in harmony with the bouquet of the bride. It may be a bouquet of roses or peonies, for example, for more poetry.

You’ll have to play on color contrasts, including romantic and delicate shades such as light pink, white and ivory, and stronger colors like fuchsia or red. Another tip: do not hesitate to garnish your reception tables with flowers and petals!

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5. A refined stationeryglamorous wedding

Regarding wedding invitations, we advise you to choose a minimalist stationery, without too many frills or drawings!! Bet on color details reminiscent of your theme and several elements of your decor. For example, opt for touches of gold or copper on a beautiful white paper and sophisticated calligraphy for a refined effect!

A chic and sober wedding invitation, worthy of Hollywood, will be perfect to set the tone of your wedding day.

6. A very glam wine of honor

Offer quality appetizers such as foie gras toasts, miniature apples of apples and other desserts for gourmets! Dare sweet and savory combinations and play on the colors and textures for the pleasure of the eyes and palates of your guests.

As for drinks, choose the refinement of the timeless champagne or offer a personalized cocktail to which you can even give your name, developed on the advice of a specialized bartender. Count indeed on the services of the professionals, and if possible, make sure of the presence of butlers during the wine of honor and the meal.

Finally, choose elegant glasses for the occasion and slip in the last touch of distinction: a fresh raspberry or gold leaf food that will twirl under the influence of the bubbles of your beverage! Glamorous effect guaranteed.

7. An exceptional cake!glamorous wedding

After the bride and groom, it is the third star of the evening: the mounted piece! See big things, opt for an imposing wedding cake. Sugar ornaments and other accessories such as a cake topper or figurines should not be missed!

Also, the big trend of the moment is to make a cake related to the wedding dress, ie with a lace effect made on the white frosting! You can add subtle details like small edible white pearls. Finally, to treat your guests, you can also offer them original wedding candies presented in boxes all sequined and topped with feathers.

You now have all the ideas you need to organize your glamorous wedding! Feel free to exchange some dress tips and take into account the opinion of a professional including to find a wedding suit in line with your theme. The same thing, indicate the dress code of your event on your wedding invitation so that your guests can follow closely the trends you have adopted, and in turn, identify the proper attire.

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