10 tips on how to save at the wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony

It is possible to save at the wedding ceremony and have the party of your dreams with a little time and creativity. They can even enjoy more of the preparations as a couple and with some relatives.

However, you have to make intelligent decisions, make a list and distinguish in which things you can spare money and in which you cannot. With a good organization, an economic and fantastic wedding is achieved.

10 tips to save at the wedding ceremony and live the best party of their lives

1. Time

wedding ceremony

The first thing is to think about the date for the wedding ceremony and that the anxiety to live that moment does not win them. It is advisable to have enough time to organize with peace of mind. If they decide to get married in a month, it is almost certain that they will spend twice the money.

Having several months in advance makes it possible, on the one hand, to save money from monthly salaries. On the other hand, you can compare suppliers, find economic ideas and prepare things at home. It is not difficult to make certain elements for weddings and thus we save buying them.

2. To lower demand, lower prices

Like the tourist places, the event rooms change their prices according to the season. To be honest, the difference is usually quite broad and is a great way to save at the wedding ceremony.

Find a date in the low season favors reducing expenses in catering and other services. When there is not so much demand, special offers or packages are obtained that we can take advantage of. In addition, it is clear that attention and quality are exactly the same as in other more requested months. If you think for a glamorous wedding here we suggest 7 ideas.

3. The fair guests

wedding ceremony

The guest list is one of the topics you have to see and review several times before sending the cards. One of the biggest expenses is the food, drink, and attention to the attendees. So, you can reduce much more than you think if you reduce the number of guests.

A big mistake is to write down all the people with whom you have some kind of relationship, however minimal. Try to cut back for that date to relatives who have not seen for more than 20 years. Some do not even know each other, but it seems an obligation to add them.

You have to be aware and narrow the list to relatives and friends who really enjoy that link. An intimate evening allows you to save money at the wedding ceremony and celebrate with those who are always there.

4. Home Prints

Hire printers or graphic design companies so that invitation cards, thank you and others require a high budget. Decreasing these values ​​by half or even less is as simple as sitting on your computer and pressing “print. “

There are hundreds or thousands of models in the network to get inspired and make their own stationery. They can even customize it as much as the couple wishes together.

5. Cheaper costumes

wedding ceremony

Depending on the personality and lifestyle of the couple, the wedding ceremony can be saved by limiting the money allocated to the suit and dress. Maybe that boyfriend will never wear a suit again, in which case a rent is enough. This will then remain in the photos and not stored in a closet.

As for the girl, there are wedding dress firms that have very cheap models. The trend is to choose the web and compare prices from home. It seems incredible the price difference that can be found in dresses with similar quality, although without so much popularity.

6. The decoration

Recycling old or already useless items such as jars and glass bottles is a very economical trend. With them, we can achieve elegant, simple and cheap decorative resources. Ask for help from your immediate family members and let everyone start storing containers and then, hands on.

There are also large wedding fairs or decoration venues to visit where you get beautiful products, at the same time practical. With the help of the internet, it is very easy to find ideas for all tastes.

7. Wedding flowers

wedding ceremony

Flowers are very present at parties and have a high visual impact in each sector. To save on the wedding ceremony, it is advisable to choose seasonal flowers and avoid imports. The costs, between them, vary a lot and the result can be the same with good arrangements.

Another way to cheapen with flowers is to reuse them. Once the civil or religious ceremony is over, the parents of the couple can remove these flowers and take them to the classroom. Placing them there, in the corners with vases that await them, is fast and subtle.

8. The alliances

The traditional wedding rings were gold and, the more weight, the better. However, this custom has changed over the years. There are beautiful alliances in the market, made in other materials such as silver, which save a lot of money at the wedding ceremony.

9. Wedding cake

wedding ceremony

The idea is to have a symbolic and simple cake with which to take the photograph and make the first cut. To serve, the waiters take it to the kitchen and there you can have other homemade sponge cakes. Of course, this is easy if there is someone in the family willing to prepare them the day before.

The sweet table is also a way to complement the cake and there are different varieties that can be prepared at home with help. It is not necessary to spend double or more hiring providers.

10. The car

Rent a limousine or a special car to move the bride to the place is a possible detail to avoid. There is always a friend or relative who lends his car for the occasion. The only expense will be to decorate the same with a large bouquet, ribbons and solved the issue.

How much money do you think you can save at the wedding ceremony if you follow these tips? Surely, it is much more, and without leaving out any details.