Do not throw your old phone, here are some possibilities for reuse at home!

Re-Use Phone

Is it time to retire your Smartphone has arrived? Do you have one you do not use? Do you think buying a new one and future reuse it for something other than call or surf the web? The good news is that we can give a second life to terminals that do not use at home. They leave their telephone facet side, but in return get interesting automate or perform some task in our home.

In this post we will take a look at some possible avenues of resurrection of our terminals, which will make some of them leave the trunk of memories and become a useful tool in our home.

Re-Use Phone
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Surveillance Camera

Both Android and iOS there are solutions that use cameras or our terminal to make them an IP camera. Thus, the material to be capturing can be seen from another computer from home or from the Internet. In this way, we can use to improve safety in our home or to care for young children or the elderly. In Android we SECuRET SpyCam, while in iOS have Security Cam.

Music player and other multimedia content

And no, I mean not to reproduce the content that we have stored in the terminal, which can also be, but to receive streaming content and play them on the stereo from a network drive or another computer. If the phone has HDMI output, as the Xperia Arc S that used until recently, we can connect to TV and reuse it as an Android TV Stick. Be mindful that to have the best multimedia player, we can install XBMC on the phone.

Surveillance and events at home

What if we put in the peephole in the door the camera of our mobile? With any of the programs mentioned above we could see where we stand who called at the door. We should make a stand to place the phone and see what that looks to the peephole optical image. So we would save a digital peephole and would win in to see the image from the Internet.

Use it as an alarm clock

Have you ever slept because your alarm did not sound? Leave your old phone without the SIM and connect it permanently to a charger. If you’re anything handyman can become a basis for guiding the screen to your bed and ensure that you will not stamp when you’re half asleep. You may also be those who want to keep an eye on any news or the weather, you’ll have on hand and can consult on mobile. Yes, you can also use your current phone, but if one day you forget to charge it’ll be sold.

Remote control

Some current phones like the HTC One integrated an infrared LED to use the phone as a remote control. In other cases the modern Smart TV have launched applications to control our TV through a mobile application. Are you one of those who lose mobile every few minutes? Well here you have a mobile replacement. There are also converters connected in the mobile headphones output and an application, behave as virtually universal remote controls.

Remember also that if we have a Raspberry Pi as a multimedia center, there are applications to control both iOS as Android and Windows Phone.

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IP phone

Do you use a lot Skype or other telephony and messaging service? Maybe not worth you leave your computer on. With your phone you have left and you enough to make IP calls or receive messages. Implemented have to leave it loaded and running your (s) program (s) or IP telephony messaging. So you will not miss any calls and you will always be located at home, if you’re not at the computer and without relying on your mobile.

A million possibilities

In this post we have only made minimal review of the possibilities. Nothing sadder than a device that leave little time was last model in a drawer. We can use it for many things, such as timer in the kitchen (and take the timer with us if we get out of it), a reminder to take medicine, digital photo frame, integration with rules IFTTT … no need to use it as a phone.