Google Now, Google wants to bring home and compete one on one with Alexa Amazon

Google Now

The arrival of the personal to our homes assistants is something that increasingly is closer, at least if we talk about a general introduction and in this sense we could say that Amazon goes one step ahead with Alexa and compatible devices such as the Amazon echo.

However it is not the only actor in this film and a giant like Google also wants their cake using Google Now in our homes, so that instead of saying “Alexa, I …” say “Ok Google …”

Google Now
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It would be provide functionality and similar use to which we can find on phones or tablets that have Android operating system and its operation is based on mixing the search engine Google with the assistant, Google Now and for that they would be thinking create a new device.

With the codename of “Chirp”, this gadget for home would compete with Amazon Echo offering similar functions to that can offer this but changing the wizard that controls it.

“Magna Utah”, if in the end this is his name (which we doubt), would be released in late 2016 and everything points to over Google I / O this year would have more details of its operation, launch and design, some argue that resembles a the OnHub wireless routers from Google.

Google try and entering a much more interesting potential market even searches with our smartphones , for time spent at home, the number of interconnected devices … in short all our lives in the form of information could pass for a gadget of your property and we know what is the value of information today.

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In addition it would be a substitute element smartphone at home, so that if we for example control LED lights or TV on or off enough to give the order to “Chirp” while our phone rests quietly on the table.

What is clear is that this type of attendees, with Alexa at the head, will end upcoming to our home. Siri, Google Now, Houndify (the development of SoundCloud) or Viv (from the creators of Siri) are proposals that will gradually gaining prominence and threaten to become one of the family.