Why you might still not want to wed outdoors

It was recently announced during the government’s budget that there could be an overhaul of our outdated wedding laws. The proposed plans involve opening up more venues in which couples can exchange vows, such as in restaurants, pubs and open-air venues.

You might already have attended an open-air wedding, but you might be surprised to learn that the couple would have had to complete their vows before or after in an official legal ceremony held in a church or registry office. That’s because under current laws, a couple can only marry in premises that have been licensed by local authorities and that have a proper structure with a permanent roof.

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The existing wedding laws have been in place since 1836, so it’s about time they received an overhaul to bring them up to date with modern preferences. Scotland already has a more relaxed approach, offering couples a broader range of locations in which to tie the knot.

The move to update the laws comes after findings that people want cheaper, more personal and accessible weddings, with the current system badly in need of reform. Many couples will welcome the news, however, there are still some important considerations when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding. You might still be better off in a traditional wedding venue, such as a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester like www.hatton-court.co.uk/gloucester-cotswolds-weddings

Document Signing

Unless the law changes, in the UK you can’t sign marriage documents outside, so you’d still need a separate trip to a registry office to legally sign everything.


You could in fact find your wedding costs more if you to stage it outside. You might need to pay rent on any land you wish to use, install shelter for both summer and winter weddings, and pay out more on transport if your location is out-of-the-way. You’ll also have to supply all the things you take for granted with a hotel venue, such as a bar, a dance floor, entertainment and tables.

High Demand

The location of your dreams might well be the dream location for many couples and you might find it difficult to book. If it’s a well-visited site, you’ll also need to factor in the public/tourist element interfering with your day.

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This is something you don’t give a second thought when booking an indoor venue as everything is there for you. With an outdoor event, you will need to supply all amenities, such as toilets, lighting, food, electricity and heating etc.


Of course, the UK is renowned for its changeable and slightly unpredictable weather. You don’t have to worry with an indoor venue, but an outdoor wedding has the weather as its primary concern. Rain, wind and storms can ruin your perfectly set up decorations and turn the ground into a muddy quagmire.