Six ways to keep your house purchase on track

Buying a house is a notoriously long and protracted journey. It can seem to take forever for one person to speak to another, when all you want to do is move into your new home! Although you can’t make it any faster than then usual six to 12 weeks, you can certainly help avoid hold-ups that occur along the way. Here are six ways you can keep your house purchase on track.

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Sell first, buy second

Finding a dream home, making an offer and then starting the selling process is guaranteed to be full of stress. If you already know the kind of home you are looking for, consider selling your property first – perhaps renting or staying with family for a while – and buying afterward. This cuts out some of the potential chain issues and makes the buying process itself much faster.

Be organised

Have any paper work that you may need prepared first. This includes details of wages to make a mortgage application or perhaps your actual mortgage offer, which you should have before you make an offer on a property.

Find a specialist solicitor

Ideally, you should opt for a specialist conveyancing solicitor such as, a good choice for those looking for some of the best-value conveyancing solicitors Birmingham has to offer. Specialist firms like these that deal with property sales every day can keep things on track.

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Respond quickly

You may not be in control of how quickly your vendor, solicitor or estate agent responds to things, but you are in control of yourself. Any query that comes your way needs to be dealt with as promptly as you can.

Learning the jargon

A lot of what you might hear sounds more complicated than it is. Familiarising yourself with the kinds of words and jargon you are likely to encounter will make it easier to respond to queries faster or make decisions about mortgages more adeptly.


Regularly check in with your solicitor and your estate agent to ensure the lines of communication are being kept open. If there’s a hold-up, you may only find out because you made a phone call to one of you representatives.

These six tips will hopefully make for a smoother ride and mean fewer hiccups along the way.