Different types of material used in domestic pipes

When you look to move home you will find that you view lots of different properties from a number of different building ages. Some people prefer to move into newer properties as a way to reduce the amount of maintenance that will need to be done in the first few years and others prefer the charm of an older property.

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One construction area that you will find differs, depending on the property age and location is the materials that are used in the pipework.

There are various pipes that enter and leave your home, carrying a variety of different materials from water to gas. Some of the pipes are visible on the outside of the building and can be susceptible to knocks and damage and can be protected by using Pipe protectors such as the ones available from https://www.meterbox.co.uk/pipe-protectors

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Here is a list of the possible pipe materials that you could find:

  • Cast Iron – this tends to be used in properties that were built before 1960 for the vertical drains.
  • Plastic – this category is then broken down further into ABS which is black pipe but tends to come loose at the joint areas; PVC which is commonly used in drainage pipes and PEX which is used in most modern day buildings.
  • Steel – again this is more common in older properties